Zignaly Review: Crypto Trading Bot Platform

[Featured] The cryptocurrency market is diverse and abundant. With hundreds, if not thousands of different digital assets available for trading, it’s challenging to isolate the ones to focus on. Moreover, it’s incredibly volatile, which makes it even harder, especially for novice traders without the necessary experience. 

Using reliable signals is a convenient way to build a strategy and to capitalize on the rapid movements of the market. What is more, being able to automate your trades based on those signals is even more advantageous. This is where Zignaly steps into the picture. 

What Is Zignaly?

Zignaly is an easy-to-use trading terminal with cryptocurrency trading bots. It allows users to trade automatically with the assistance of external signal providers. While it may sound complicated, using the platform is fairly easy. It also allows users to integrate TradingView accounts so that they can use their most preferable indicators. 

Alternatively, users are also able to use the trading terminal of Zignaly in order to establish the most successful trading strategy. 

It’s also cloud-based, which means that users can take full advantage of all of the perks which include quick and timely updates, no installation needed and no servers required on the user side. 


Main Features

Zignaly comes with a variety of features which are all geared to provide an improved trading experience. 

Crypto Signals

The platform allows users to manage the buy and sell signals from external yet integrated signals providers. At the time of this writing, Zignaly has listed 15 signals providers, including Mining Hamster Signals, Crypto Base Scanner, and others of the kind. 

Unlimited Coins

Users are not limited to a certain amount of pre-selected coins to trade with. The platform accepts all the pairs from the enabled signal provider in order to allow them to capitalize on all of them. 

TradingView Integration

This is perhaps one of the most attention-grabbing features of the platform. Zignaly allows users to integrate TradingView in order to use preferred indicators or TV’s “Cryptocurrency Signal Finder” recommendations. 

Trailing Stop Loss

Trailing stop losses are probably one of the most prominent tools that can be used to capture the maximum value of your position and to mitigate potential losses at the same time. Yet, a lot of the platforms don’t have them as an option. Zignaly supports trailing stop losses. 

Safe and Secure

Zignaly is always trading directly on the exchange side. Hence, user’s cryptocurrency is always stored on the exchange which prevents the need for withdrawals. 

How To use Zignaly?

As we mentioned above, Zignaly allows the integration of TradingView and the ability to use its indicators. The platform also has a TradingView bot which allows the user to send his own signals right from TV through the Cryptocurrency Signal Finder recommendations or through the indicators. 

Alternatively, you can also use the trading terminal provided by Zignaly. It lets you open positions manually based on the entire strategy you have in place. However, you need to create a strategy instead of directly setting different orders on the exchange. 

Of course, it’s possible to set up the full strategy without any particular limitations. The fact that it supports a broad range of advanced and basic order types allows for a cohesive trading experience which is rarely found on other platforms. It’s rather obvious that one of the main priorities of the team has been to make the overall user experience simplified and fairly intuitive. 

By connecting a signal provider, the user is able to trade automatically without even having to be present on his computer. Of course, those who seek more control can always turn off the automatic function and handle it manually. 


In conclusion, Zignaly opens the door for a cohesive trading experience for people who don’t necessarily have many hours put behind looking at charts and technical analysis. In other words, it’s friendly towards novice traders but it also allows experienced ones to create and automate a trading strategy without having to spend countless hours executing it. 

The platform is fairly easy to use and the fact that it supports all types of trading pairs introduced by the signal provider is a serious benefit on its own. 

The Pros:

  • A variety of different Signal Providers to choose from
  • Intuitive user experience and simple interface 
  • Basic and advanced order types for a more complete strategy creation 
  • Doesn’t limit the user to pre-determined cryptocurrency trading pairs 

The Cons:

  • Users have to create an entire strategy to start executing trades
  • Automated signal trading bring more risks compared to conventional trading

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