Yearn Finance (YFI) Deploys NFTs Venture Eminence, Gets Exploited Within Hours

The Yearn Finance (YFI) introduced a new Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) focused venture Eminence on Sep 28, adding to a list of mostly DeFi related products. Introduced on Twitter through a cryptic account (@eminencefi), it didn’t even have a proper website / front end or UI yet, but the smart contracts held over 14 millions dollars. However, it got exploited within hours, through flash loan and inifitebug, essentially rebasing to 0!

Though it wasn’t officially announced by the team, the association between both projects was confirmed by the fact that the Eminence (EMN) smart contract was sent from the yearn deployer – the official executor of the YFI-suite of tools. Also, the above mentioned introductory tweet was retweeted by Andre Cronje – the YFI founder!

Eminence Creation Contract - Etherscan non fungible tokens nfts
Eminence Creation Contract – Etherscan

Eminence (EMN) Exploit

However, merely after hours of being introduced. Eminence (EMN) contract was drained off funds using the flash-loan and inifitebug exploit. Surprisingly, after the exploit $8M was sent back to the yearn deployer contract.

A tweet thread from @AndreCronjeTech confirmed the experimental nature of the project and that it was still some time away from being operational.

He also confirmed that the contract was officially deployed, related to a NFT based blockchain game still in production, exploited for full $15M and $8M was sent back to the deployer.

The further continuation of the project or compensation to the existing holders remains unclear at this point. This is a developing story, so more details can emerge in the future.

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