Xion Protocol Launches Own End-to-End Subscription Service

Xion Protocol Launches Own End-to-End Subscription Service

Xion Protocol has announced the launch of its highly functional end-to-end subscription service that makes it possible for everyone to start and manage their subscription service or delivery, from start to finish.

While companies like Netflix, Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club and others keep generating billions of dollars, small startups are however finding it difficult to venture into the subscription industry due to the difficult nature of the space.

Customs, international shipping, chargebacks, fraud, replenishment, recurring payments and a host of other factors pose as huge barriers to firms looking to enter the subscription space.

The Xion Protocol Advantage

Xion Protocol is focused on making it easier for users’ to launch their subscription businesses, by providing them with a range of user-friendly, tools, including

–    A Supply Chain Management System that allows startups without their own stock to mix and match products from participating suppliers across the globe.

Xion also handles the design, packaging, shipments tracking, SKU tags, and other processes.

–    Customer Service automation: Xion offers users’ customer satisfaction lists, a messenger client, pre-made response banks, response analytics tools, promotions, and offerings.

–    Social: the system also creates profiles for retailers, suppliers, and others, while also handling the monetization, commission percentage tools, and a built-in content social media platform.Xion.

Xion Protocol is powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT). In essence, it uses smart contracts to automatically handle all subscription-related activities.

The Xion system coordinates and creates a balance in the subscription world, including international supply processes, shipping and more.

Xion has its own dedicated, independent blockchain network and this allows it to offer clients zero transaction fees and monetization of premium features by enterprise clients.

Subscribers can also manage all active subscriptions from one place, communicate with their favorite brands, give feedback and cancel their subscription.

Commenting on the matter, the founder and CEO of XION, Roman Quarmby said that:

“Whether you’re a retailer or service provider looking to expand your reach and create recurring revenue through subscription, or an enthusiast who only has a dream of the perfect subscription, Xion Protocol can make your vision come alive.”

Xion is poised to revolutionize the subscription industry by using blockchain technology to eliminate third-party applications.

The platform makes it easy for startups to automate subscription models for their businesses, whether they are offline or online.

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