XCOEX Exchange: Simplicity In a Complex Market

Featured – The growing blockchain industry is anything but simple. Its nature is to solve complex, multi-faceted problems. Blockchain solves the kind of problems where easy solutions don’t exist.

Technology’s rate of advancement is astonishing at times. For insiders and casual observers alike, it even feels like Moore’s Law is being surpassed.

Exchanges have also become immensely profitable. According to a recent Bloomberg report, cryptocurrency exchanges are now a billion dollar industry. Some top performers see profits of up to three million USD per day.

This doesn’t approach the revenue generated by fiat banks. United States-based Wells Fargo Bank profits were reportedly over $22 billion last year alone. The fiat banking giant has countless competitors eager to meet and even exceed that kind of profitability.

For example, the Bank of China and China Construction Bank collectively earned over $80 billion in profits, with $80 trillion in assets. At the rate cryptocurrency market is growing, some influential investors and public figures see this market heading toward the massive profitability of leading international banks.

With this level of profitability also comes change to the foundation on which cryptocurrency was based. Some investors welcome these changes, especially those with strong ties to the fiat markets. Others consider it an unacceptable risk and a to a decentralized economy.

Concerns over increased power and centralization are not going away. Big name fiat investors, supporters of stablecoins, and other individuals and entities stand to benefit from cryptocurrency’s integration into traditional markets. Amongst these groups, there is a strong belief that this is the path to widespread cryptocurrency adoption.

However, others see a different and much more straightforward path to widespread cryptocurrency adoption. Their perspective is from more of a purist mindset, one that sees cryptocurrency as an answer rather than an alternative.

Yet even for these investors, an exchange is necessary to conduct transactions on any scale. With new, smaller cryptocurrency exchanges like XCOEX hitting the market frequently, investors who prefer a more independent trading experience have options.

What is XCOEX?

XCOEX is a brand new cryptocurrency exchange. They are on a mission to simplify the cryptocurrency trading market with a platform that is user-friendly and highly accessible.

This means that crucial details of the exchange are both easy to use and reliable to meet the needs of traders, beginners, and savvy pros alike.

Starting with a sleek interface that includes an “Easy Start” click option, the process of trading on XCOEX is not time-consuming. Additionally, the exchange is optimized for multiple countries in order to be a real global solution.

Also available are rapid KYC verification, robust security, a native wallet, hefty user support functionality, and accessible tools for all sorts of trading.

The pairs currently available for trading are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP). More tokens will be listed soon.

The XCOEX June promotion

The XCOEX option comes with some pretty great perks through June. The exchange is giving $1,000 every day to new investors who register on the platform.

New customers who open an account with XCOEX can enter this competition and take advantage of the exploding cryptocurrency market by investing their $1,000 in Bitcoin or one of the other top performing cryptocurrencies listed on the XCOEX exchange.

Best of all, entry into the contest only requires a $20 deposit into a new user account. The potential return on that $20 is fantastic. For investors looking to return to a more straightforward, more pure form of cryptocurrency investing, the time to take that leap is now.

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