WORBLI: The Place Where FinTech and Blockchain Meet

Today, blockchain applications suffer from poor user interfaces and complex setups that force users to jump through hoops to access them. There is also a high cost associated with app development, making it hard for new developers to enter the market.

To solve these problems, WORBLI has developed a new enterprise blockchain platform that brings users, developers, and businesses together seamlessly. WORBLI’s financial services ecosystem has limitless possibilities, offering a wide range of powerful applications for enterprise and app developers.

WORBLI’s financial hub which was dubbed by Justin Fondriest, a founding father of BitShares as the “Blockchains financial district,” offers everything that crypto users need. Users can store, buy and trade a variety of digital assets, including tokens of the apps connected to the platform.

The key features of WORBLI include:

Regulatory compliant

Through a partnership with Identity Verification experts Onfido, developers and businesses operate with the knowledge that all users have completed full KYC account verification. WORBLI’s network governance has been designed to meet the regulatory needs of global financial services, and the WORBLI token is available for buying on ChainRift with the ability to trade on the 17th of December.

Strong developer community

Having partnered with some of the best block producers in the world, WORBLI has built a powerful network of 30+ block producers, who are also leaders in app and product development from all over the world. These contracted partners are working strategically to enable a fairer and more distributed global economy.


The blockchain secures individual accounts and customers wallets; customers have more control over data. Businesses and corporations benefit from WORBLI’s predictable pricing models and merchant processing services when planning to operate on the network.

The WORBLI platform is livex

On November 1, WORBLI announced that the WORBLI blockchain went live—creating noise within the blockchain development community, seeing an influx of developers approaching the network to develop applications and products leveraging their unique KYC integrated technology.

WORBLI tokens are available on ChainRift

WORBLI has issued its utility token (WBI), which enables developers and members of the community to begin building on WORBLI’s fully operational blockchain that has over 30 block producers and a dozen other strategic partners covering legal, economics, compliance, marketing, governance and more.

WORBLI says, “To cater to this demand and to celebrate our launch and achievements this far, we have decided to sell tokens with the help of one of our block producers, ChainRift. Via their ChainRift Exchange, this sale will occur over a short period where we’re offering 70 million of our native WBI utility tokens.”

There are approximately 30 products and applications in various stages of development using WORBLI’s financial services infrastructure. In the future, applications launching on WORBLI can airdrop tokens to WBI holders—meaning that WORBLI can provide its users access to claim airdrops from WORBLI’s ecosystem of applications.

To take full advantage of the token sale and buy WBI tokens, visit ChainRift by visiting this link.

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