WORBLI Launches 1 Billion Token ShareDrop to Bring Blockchain banking to the Masses

WORBLI Launches 1 Billion Token ShareDrop to Bring Blockchain banking to the Masses

WORBLI, a decentralized fintech platform built on the EOS blockchain is determined to deliver the first-ever compliant financial services network (FSN).

While distributed ledger technology, also known as blockchain technology has a lot of potentials to revolutionize the global economy, there are however many problems hampering its widespread adoption, including compliance, regulation and more.

To mitigate this challenge, WORBLI blockchain project is looking to develop a globally compliant platform packed with the essentials tools that make the traditional finance system work.

WORBLI is poised to bridge the gap between traditional financial ecosystem and the blockchain world. To achieve its goal, WORBLI plans to structurally “reduce friction, provide exponential scale and reach, develop and innovate products with blockchain technology.”

Forked from the EOS blockchain, WORBLI is laden with a vast array of decentralised applications (dApps) that deliver financial innovation, reliability, compliance and security.

Some of the essential features of WORBLI include AML and KYC user account verification for firms, ease-of-access for SMEs exchange listing and merchant processing services, cost-efficient transactions and more.

The WORBLI Foundation is a not for profit body whose primary objective is to provide FSN for consumers, SMEs, and other market participants in a way that takes the burden off the shoulders of devs.

At current, WORBLI has two dApps that will be integrating the Gamma Bank application which is a fiat and cryptos bank with debit cards, crafted to eliminate entry barriers for the newbie.

Surepeer, the second dApp, is a peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain-based, decentralised insurance solution that will be highly beneficial to the blockchain ecosystem.

The Team

A very important member of the WORBLI team is Craig Kellogg, the COO of the platform. He has 20 years experience in the banking technology and fintech space.

He’s also occupied key positions at Wells Fargo, US Bank and he served as the Vice President of Technology at GE capital for two years.

The WORBLI ShareDrop

WORBLI is currently giving out 1 billion (40%)  of its 2.5 billion WORBLI tokens to EOS holders.

To partake in the event, EOS users are required to open WORBLI account, as the tokens will not be sent to their EOS wallets.

All EOS holders since September 7, 2018, are eligible to receive the tokens if they sign up at https://worbli.io/

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