What to BUY after the crash? Here are some Crypto Options

This week was a bloodbath for the entire cryptocurrency market. Many independent events led to the crash of the cryptocurrency market. Incidentally, most cryptos fell back to their respective major support areas. This alone represents a clear opportunity to “Buy the Dip”. In fact, the day after the crash, the whole crypto market was green and already buyers entered. The question is, which opportunities are good for crypto buy? Here are our 3 picks.

3- Nano (NANO)

Nano’s technical formation is an interesting one. Ever since January 1st, 2021, its prices broke out of their consolidation and started a strong uptrend, in tandem with the whole cryptocurrency market. Today, NANO’s price sits around USD 12.5. It had a previous all-time high price of around USD 17, so this easy setup can yield you more than 35% in case prices reached their previous all-time high, which is very likely given the strong uptrend. This makes NANO a great crypto buy.

NANO/USD 1-Day chart showing a strong uptrend
Fig.1 NANO/USD 1-Day chart showing a strong uptrend – TradingView

2- Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin had a great run since February 2021. Its price skyrocketed from a price of USD 23 all the way to reach a price of USD 236. This boom was followed by strong liquidation from its holders, who decided to either cash in their profits or move on to another booming crypto. The current price of Filecoin sits around USD 121. It is advisable to wait for a confirmation in an switch in trends, then enter at a price of around USD 130. If the confirmation was approved, Filecoin can go back to another uptrend and reach its psychological price of USD 200, making a hefty return of around 58%.

FIL/USD 1-Day chart showing a potential setup for Filecoin
Fig.2 FIL/USD 1-Day chart showing a potential setup for Filecoin – TradingView

1- Ripple (XRP)

Although XRP is hated by many in the crypto sphere, there is no denying that there is an opportunity to buy this token. It still didn’t reach its previous ATH from 2018 of USD 3. Its current price sits around USD 1.42. If we disregard the USD 3 target and only put a USD 2 target, XRP can easily make around 43%. This makes XRP a great crypto buy.

XRP/USD 1-day chart showing XRP's potential target
Fig.3 XRP/USD 1-day chart showing XRP’s potential target – TradingView

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