What Is The Best Crypto Affiliate Program

Be Your OwnWhat Is The Best Crypto Affiliate Program Bank with Jubiter

The cryptocurrency exchange platform, Jubiter, has implemented its affiliate marketing program. The program is comprehensive, user-friendly, and responsive offering accessible customer support and marketing materials. Affiliate marketers may promote the cryptocurrency exchange via contextual websites, blogs, or social media.

Customer support and business hours

Affiliate marketers may initiate online chat at any time. They can schedule Skype© conferences for account management support. For questions or issues involving details and thorough explanations, affiliates may choose to communicate via email. The contact link for correspondence with the affiliate manager is readily accessible.

Jubiter offers its affiliates a full range of customizable creatives such as banner ads, social media images, landing page templates, and text-only email swipe files. Furthermore, affiliate support will tailor these materials to suit marketers’ needs. The marketing department at Jubiter executes performance tests on materials prior to release. Image and text-based content is proven to drive traffic and increase conversion rates.

In conjunction with marketing materials, affiliate support provides tools for monitoring traffic in real time and tracking conversion rates. Traffic monitoring includes pixel integration for affiliate sites. These tools accept worldwide traffic sources.

Additional benefits of the Jubiter affiliate program are a two-tier referral program. Commission wire transfers are paid out every two weeks.

What Is The Best Crypto Affiliate Program? For Jubiter cryptocurrency exchange clients, customer service representatives are available by phone in the United States, United Kingdom, and in Estonia Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until midnight EST. The online support ticket generator is available on the company’s website for those who prefer to submit questions or report problems; a representative will respond by next business day.  Additionally, the site includes a comprehensive online help desk with answers to a range of questions. Information is available on topics from how to use the Jubiter platform to how cryptocurrency works.

Social media marketing support

Affiliate marketers may promote, advertise, and generate leads for Jubiter through virtually any outlet. The support team provides various marketing materials specifically created for social media platforms such as Facebook© and Instagram©. Logos, banners, and promotional images for blogs, contextual websites, and display advertising campaigns are readily available and fully customizable.

Advanced security measures for data protection

Blockchain-based technology protects transactions through Jubiter wallets on established cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Jubiter requires only the minimum personal information necessary to establish an account and perform transactions. Accounts have two-factor authentication and advanced fraud detection. Jubiter performs monthly updates to its encryption software to ensure it meets the highest security standards, encryption, and hash security standards. Sensitive data is encrypted and is not shared with outside sources. Not even the company’s staff has access to traders’ personal information or account credentials.

Licensing and regulation

Jubiter is licensed and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Estonia to protect cryptocurrency traders on its platform and wallet. They are licensed to exchange virtual currency against fiat money and to offer a cryptocurrency wallet service.

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