What is NFT and How to Mint an NFT? The Definitive Updated Guide (2021)

As blockchain technology facilitates ownership and authentication, more and more items are being digitized. Here we can talk about non-fungible tokens or NFT. This uses standards to establish the uniqueness of a token. It is possible to trace the timestamp at which an NFT was created as well as its creator thanks to the transparency of its blockchain. Therefore, NFT preserves the uniqueness and ownership of digital assets, which is why many collectors and artists are increasingly using NFTs.

Creating the NFT version of a digital content has its advantages, as it gives you more control over the intellectual property and offers you access to a worldwide network of art collectors. It is a much-needed gateway to a marketplace to own, sell and buy unique digital assets.

5 Steps to Minting an NFT

It’s not complicated to create an NFT on Ethereum, you just need an Ethereum wallet that supports NFTs and an account on an Ethereum-centric NFT marketplace. Examples of wallets that support NFTs are Metamask, Coinbase and TrustWallet.

Below we are going to set an example to explain how it works in OpenSea using MetaMask as our wallet provider. Before opening OpenSea you have to have created an Ethereum wallet in Metamask.

  1. Once in OpenSea, we click on the Create menu. We connect the Metamask wallet and sign the message that appears to confirm the ownership of the address.

  1. Next in the Create menu, click on My Collections. A new page will open and we click on Create, then we proceed to upload the images, gifs or other digital elements.  

  1. We can then customize it and when we finish, we click on create to mint the NFT.

  1. We confirm the creation of the NFT in the wallet by signing another message. The NFT should then appear as a collectible in the wallet.

  1. Next, we can include the NFT in the marketplace by clicking Edit, which will take us to a page where we choose the token we want to receive as payment.    

As a conclusion, it is quite simple to mint NFTs, the steps we have detailed in this guide are a brief summary of the process most used by all markets. So if you want to mint NFTs just follow the steps in this guide!

Minting NFT
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