VNX Exchange Gets New Senior Vice President for Asia

VNX Exchange has employed the services of Zing Yang as its senior vice President in Asia, to complement the new push by the company to bring its tokenized venture capital marketplace into the continent.

A Major Push

In a bid to expand the company in the Asian market, VNX Exchange has appointed Zing Yang as its Senior Vice President Head of Asia. Yang will assist the company in achieving its aims and objectives in the continent.

Maintaining a balance between the company’s objective and corporate social responsibility, establishing local footprint, investors relations and ecosystem development in the continent will be the basic functions of the new Senior Vice President of VNX Exchange. Yang will also be instrumental in helping the company to expand to South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

VNX Exchange Gets New Senior Vice President for Asia

Yang’s experience cuts across different fields, firms and parastatals. She also has a wide range of experience in private equity, venture capital, token investment and public equity. The new senior vice president is also very active in use consulting business model design and strategy.

Yang has also worked with quite a lot of reputable companies over the years including Temasek, Capital Group and BlockAsset Ventures, and was a one-time director at the Litecoin foundation.

While welcoming Yang to the team, Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and founder of VNX Exchange said:

‘’Being from Luxembourg, one of the leading global financial hubs with an excellent environment for fintech projects, has already attracted substantial interest from European investors, ecosystem partners, and venture community as VNX customers”. He further said that ‘’ Zing’s appointment will boost VNX Exchange’s recognition in Asia as she helps to build a strong ecosystem for our platform.”

A Promising Venture Market

Expressing her excitement in teaming up with VNX, Yang said:

‘’ I am very excited to join the VNX Exchange team at what is currently a promising time for venture market development”. She stressed further, saying ‘’ While the global interest in the ICOs has decreased dramatically, the current global venture is still healthy. With VNX seeking to unlock liquidity through the blockchain technology, this solution will not only see high demand in Asia but globally.

More on VNX

VNX is a trading platform and a marketplace for the venture and tokenized venture capital assets.

The company is located in Luxembourg, but with a desire to appeal to the global market and reach customers worldwide.

VNX desires to unlock liquidity for venture capital industry, address risk diversification and enable wider investor access to promising startups.

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