Visa Acquires CryptoPunk# 7610 In Historic NFT Deal

Global payment processor Visa reported that it has acquired the CryptoPunk # 7610 – a female punk to add to it’s historical collection on Aug 23. The addition cements the mainstream adoption of NFTs as a commerce tool and Ethereum as the base NFT blockchain. It also signifies that Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have now crossed the Overton Window, made their existence known and are fast gaining societal approval. The actual sale was made on Aug 18 at a price of 49.5 ETH or roughly $150,000 at that time.

Visa acquired CryptoPunk# 7610 is a female punk featuring clown green eyes, Mohawk hair and hot lipstick. It’s one of the 3840 female punks, out of a total of 10,000. Though, it doesn’t rank much higher in the rarity and trait counts, it’s nevertheless a unique punk which scores in the 7200 rarity rank, according to Rarity Tool. It’s acquisition by Visa opens the door for other corporations and entities to buy / hold NFTs as a status symbol, representative of certain events and for their historical significance.

Surprisingly, the global payment processor Visa has a well defined crypto and NFT strategy, considering them an essential part of future commerce and pledging to help their clients navigate this nascent space. Visa believes that NFTs will become a powerful part of the creators economy and lower barriers of entry for new artists. They also feel that it would help small and medium sized businesses flourish. As always, the payment processor wants to take a lead role in ensuring safe and secure commerce. Visa’s Head of Crypto Cuy Sheffield remarked the following:

About CryptoPunk

What to say of the iconic and uber-expensive Larva Labs developed CryptoPunks? CryptoPunks is a collection of wildly popular 10,000 unique 24x 24 8-bit images, divided into 5 types. These are Alien, Ape, Zombie, Male, and Female. They were deployed on 22 June 2017.

Each of them have unique personality and random generated features, some of them are of course more rare than the others and fetch a premium. CryptoPunks are routinely sold for millions with a highest recorded sale of 4,200 ETH or over 7.5 million dollars for #3100.

visa cryptopunk
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