Virtual Reality Experience In Your Palm: Special Interview WIth Rapid-Growing Sensorium Platform

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Sensorium Corporation has recently partnered up with Ibiza’s top clubs and leading nightlife promoter Yann Pissenem.

Following successful listing on KuCoin and HitBTC exchanges, we met up with Alexey Blagirev, Digital and Investor Relations Director, of Sensorium Corporation.

Blagirev provided compelling insight into the new and radical Sensorium platform and how it is set to revolutionize gaming as we know it today.

Alexey Blagirev, Sensorium Corporation

What motivates and equips you to develop a platform like Sensorium Galaxy to provide 3D virtual venues for concerts and events?

We believe that the future of social interaction is virtual reality (VR). In a relatively short time frame, social platforms have evolved rapidly from simple messaging platforms to visual-based platforms.

You can now check-in with people via live video in all parts of the world without a second thought, whether its a family member 1,000 miles away or a friend attending a live concert. Constant innovation of social platforms is a defining feature. Within this context, VR as a technology is simply a next-generation step for social platforms. By applying it to venues and concerts, we are taking a logical but also a ground-breaking step that deepens and widens the social experience by utilizing new technologies.

It’s fair to say that never in the history of humankind has a single industry such as information technology created so many changes in such a short space of time. We are simply riding and helping create the next wave of technology-driven experience. Sensorium Galaxy breaks down barriers and overcomes the limitations of time and space by enabling users to engage in and make trips to world-class concerts and events in digital space that many would be unable to attend because of physical distance and cost. Imagine being at home and being able to plunge into a festival atmosphere thousands of miles away with your friends and you haven’t even left home.

Do you have any plans to introduce cryptocurrencies into the Sensorium Galaxy, given that it will potentially attract millions of users?

Most certainly, this is central to our plans. Users can now buy the Senso token on the cryptocurrency exchanges KuCoin and HitBTC.

Users will leverage our cryptocurrency Senso token to make gaming-related purchases and trade content. For instance, they can use the token to create unique avatars and offer items to purchase.

Third-party developers can also use Senso token to create their unique virtual environments within the Sensorium Galaxy and create customized events.

We strongly believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies; they are going to become increasingly popular, characterized by more widespread usage. We think our adoption of cryptocurrencies will also help drive their popularity, given that we are anticipating millions of Sensorium Galaxy participants.

We have developed the Senso token in line with industry best practice, for instance, ensuring Senso token meets the ERC20 standard, the de-facto technical standard for token implementation on the Ethereum blockchain.

Can you elaborate on the importance of partnerships and what kind of influence this will bring to the Sensorium Galaxy?

Partnerships are critical in the structure we have created – a foundation for the Sensorium worlds by developing the 3D social virtual universe. With our partners, we are creating the Sensorium Galaxy inner environments that not only reflect real-world venues but also build on the physical world to leverage the full potential of 3D social virtual reality.

For instance, we recently struck a partnership with leading nightlife promoter Yann Pissenem. He is an iconic figure within the Ibiza nightclub scene and the driving force behind the world-renowned Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza clubs. Yann is at the global forefront of electronic music and clubbing and is bringing this expertise to the Sensorium Galaxy, specifically the Music Planet.

As part of the partnership, he is also onboarding ten of the world’s top electronic music artists and DJs to collaborate with Sensorium Galaxy. Together we create a world-leading electronic music scene with events led by the world’s leading artists and with participants able to interact with each other and the artists.

How is the platform development coming along, and what progress or milestones can we expect to see in the year to come?

We recently released a technical demo of our product demonstration which is presented in the form of a space station and a store of items that can be used in VR.

There is a back story context in which the space station sets off from Earth in the direction of the new Sensorium Galaxy. The flight will last nine months, and during this period, we will release two planets for our users. These are impressive new locations with exciting and leading game features.

The first location within the Sensorium Galaxy is the Planet of Music. The digital spaces on the planet will change depending on what kind of music is playing. This is still a working name, and in the future, we will replace it with something more compelling. We already have the blueprints for the spaces and as we speak everything is now in development.

The second stop is the Planet of Motion. It will be a massive world in which characters will be able to perform a wide range of different dance movements. Users will also be able to take on the role of director, creating choreographed movements and assembling their own dance show.

We have already developed a library of dance movements and will continually update it. To build and create the library, we made our own motion capture studio and invited professional dance artists to record how they move. All these movements will be available as avatars. Users will take on and create their avatars and can develop their own unique dance sequences.

As we can all see, people’s mobility and group activities have been strictly limited due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic around the globe. Do you feel compelled to accelerate the development and release of such a platform ahead of schedule, since it’s probably very desirable now?

The pandemic situation has led to panic and understandably a lot of tension. Daily life and routines have been turned upside down, and a sense of uncertainty has undermined what was previously considered a daily routine, such as driving the kids to school, going to work and hanging out with friends.

As such, people are much distracted. By taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, we believe that developing the Sensorium Galaxy today has never been more timely. Therefore, we have decided to accelerate the development of the platform and are moving ahead with this.

What does it take to utilize or participate in your platform, in terms of hardware and software (IP and content authorization)?

Our focus is only on creating the software and the user experience on the platform. Anyone who has a VR headset can use the platform, so it’s certainly not restrictive. For hardware, we’re focusing on making the Sensorium Galaxy VR space available to all PC-gaming users. That said, as long as a PC has advanced processing power and the user has access to high bandwidth connection, it will be available.

We are also creating the ability to connect to the platform via mobile phones. Of course, you won’t be able to get the full 3D experience, so options will be limited but that said a user would certainly be able to have a partial experience and get a good sense of the experience.

In terms of content and rights, we are focusing on the creation of copyrighted material, such as design, avatars, and so on.

World-renowned music artists and studios will be supplying this content.  We are currently negotiating with top artists to create a digital version of their physical presence at concerts and events to be used on the Sensorium Galaxy platform. We are also working on the accounting of royalties and the rights to use this content.

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