Van Eck Solidx Bitcoin ETF Come Back? The Application Resubmitted by CBOE


  • Van Eck Solid X resubmitted ETF proposal after withdrawing application due to the government shutdown
  • Once published, the timeline will reset, giving the SEC another 240 days to approve or reject the ETF
  • This delay may prove beneficial for the ETF application, as market conditions seem more stable and less prone to clear signs of manipulation (compared to 2018).

It appears that not all hope is lost, as it was just announced today that the VanEck Solidx Bitcoin ETF rule change proposal had been re-submitted. The proposal was initially withdrawn due to the Government shutdown.

In a previous article, we had speculated about what the outcome of the ETF decision would be as the February 27th deadline approached and the Government was still shut-down. Many people assumed that the ETF would be ‘auto approved’ because of the Government’s inability to conduct a thorough review process while being understaffed. However, this claim was disproved when Van Eck CEO, Jan van Eck decided to withdraw their ETF application over fears that the Government shutdown would lead to a rejection.

Now that the Government has reopened, VanEck has re-filed their application and is currently waiting to have it published by the federal registrar, which will trigger a new timeline of 240 days before a decision must be made.

Does the delay increase the chances of an ETF approval?

There’s an argument to be made that pushing the ETF decision all the way towards the 3rd quarter of 2019 will give the SEC more time to evaluate the markets as it slowly starts to mature and weed out the bad actors that manipulate prices and deter regulators from looking at the more positive attributes of the crypto space. It seems like the worst instances of price manipulation (such as where crypto exchanges are temporarily shutting down for maintenance lead to a $300 pump in the price of BTC) are moving further behind us.

Ultimately, If the markets can achieve the same level of stable growth that we saw in 2015 (after the 2014 bear market), then this should improve the chances of the SEC approving the VanEck ETF on the basis that the crypto markets have become less prone to manipulation and are now more stable for institutional investors to enter.

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