Valuing Ethereum – Ethereum is among the top cryptocurrency in the market among Bitcoin and Ripple

Ethereum is among the top cryptocurrency in the market among Bitcoin and Ripple. This is per the market value of a single ETH and total value of ETH in the market. Crypto is the new digital money. It is used for cross-border transactions and investments.

Ethereum is based on DeFi (decentralized finance); where anybody can transact and trade crypto anywhere and at any moment. DeFi was first launched by Bitcoin. However, Ethereum has taken it to new heights in 2020 reaching just shy of 11 billion USD value of ETH. DeFi has more than 10% of ETH overall market amount.

Regardless of the Ethereum-based DeFi, it does not fully assure of the safety of the future of Ethereum. It is way premature to give a definitive prediction therefore making stockholders in doubt. However, there is hypothetical outline applied to clear the doubt. This outline is called  The Protocol Sink Thesis.

Nick Tomaino, an investor in technology, analyzed ether as follows:

  • Ether to be infrastructure online and on phone applications (valuing at 1.763 trillion USD with a 7% chance of occurring).
  • Ether taking the place of network development and minute cryptocurrency (valuing at 2 billion USD having a 19.3% chance of occurring).

On average, ether is predicted would be worth 59 USD. These stats are based on booms and troughs between short time space and its projection. You can read further on the algorithm to work out the value of ether in five years-time here.

Where to get Ethereum

To get Ethereum, one can mine, purchase and trade for profit in exchange sites and you can also earn ETH on Goeth.

Mining involves working on math problems in order to get ETH rewards.

In exchanges, one buys Ethereum and sell them. Some of these sites include: Bybit, Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, BitMex, etc.

The best way of getting Ethereum is via Goeth. Create an account and you would be able to earn Ethereum without doing any work. After depositing, you would be able to earn 200% of your initial funds deposited over a period of 90 days. You are also eligible of a 10% commission of referrals and 7-15% of your smallest team’s deposit. Your earnings are deposited into your account in form of ether worth the percentage earned in dollars. So, you can rest assured that even if Ethereum loses value, you will have your profit intact.



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