Upland’s BURN event is COMING! Here’s what you MUST Know

Upland crypto is one of the biggest digital real estate games. They sell real properties based on real-life maps that exist on our planet earth, contrary to other fictional lands. They recently announced a Burn Event that is going to take place on the 30th of July 2021. This will not only create a big hype in their community but also attract newcomers to this great community. Here’s everything you need to know about the Upland burn event.

A Unique Collaboration with Blockchain Heroes!

Last April 2021, Upland released a new type of in-game ownership which is “Collectibles – Blockchain Heroes Edition”. This was done in a slid collaboration with Blockchain Heroes. The latter consists of a set of digital collectible cards inspired by blockchain and crypto personalities. This new event garnered a lot of attention within the Upland community, but also in the entire Crypto Gaming realm. This is because when a company strives to always create new events and rewards, it signals a healthy progression on the vision of the company. It also spreads positivity and creates a positive hype around the gamers and users.

upland burn event

What is a Burn Event?

Typically, a burn event means that users will trade their low-ranked cards for higher-ranked ones. For Upland specifically, the burn activity will allow users to ‘exchange’, or ‘burn’ a certain amount of specific cards in exchange for receiving a newer, higher rarity card. For this to happen, users will need to burn 100 of any Common rarity cards from the Upland Collectibles: Blockchain Heroes Edition set in exchange for other new cards. When burning cards, users will in turn have a chance to receive either a Legendary or an even rarer Mythic one.

The burn activity will be live on July 30th, 2021 and will last until all cards are claimed. The activity will be hosted on a dedicated page on AtomicHub when it goes live. In the lead up to the burn activity, we will be doing surprise card drops, hosting community events to win Upland Collectibles ‘Hero Packs’, and doing Twitter-based giveaways with our Blockchain Heroes partners! Keep a close eye on our Discord and make sure you follow us on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/uplandme

Upland’s announcement

What is Upland Crypto?

Upland is a game that’s available both on Android and iOS mobile devices. Think of it as a Monopoly game where you can buy and sell real-world properties, but in the virtual space. This difference between this project and other online games that have a similar concept is that Upland has a cool Lama as their mascot. Another difference jokes aside, is that players have actual ownership in the form of cryptocurrency tokens. So when you buy a property on the game (which has a real-world address), it would belong to you, thanks to smart-contracts.

How to Play UPLAND?

Playing the game is super easy. The UX is fun but basic.

  • Sign up here first
  • Create an account
  • Pick your avatar
  • And you’re set!

It’s super easy to start your real estate tycoon journey and become the gamer you always dreamed about. You can even start using terms like ggwp, just make sure to earn dem UPX!

Upland Crypto
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