U.K. Financial Ltd celebrates new listing for Maya Preferred Token

U.K. Financial Ltd. has announced that it has completed its token swap and changed the smart contract address of its flagship token Maya Preferred. The token itself has the updated ticker MAYP, with a maximum supply limited to 200 million tokens, with one million tokens currently in circulation on the market.

The old Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) ERC-23 token has been replaced by the new Maya Preferred (MAYP) ERC-20 token and was welcomed by the U.K. Financial Ltd. investors. The strategic initiative of the token swap was also supported by the long-standing partner, Cat.Ex and FatBTC exchanges.

In order to celebrate the successfully completed token migration procedure, the U.K. Financial Ltd. — a parent company of the Maya Preferred token — has also announced the upcoming listing of the MAYP project on an industry-leading Coinsbit exchange. The listing happened on 3 March 2021 with the MAYP/BTC and MAYP/USDT trading pairs.

The swap itself took a pivotal role in further project development, as it has made possible the long-anticipated round 1 of the MYEX Retirement Plan.

Investors that transferred their tokens to MYEX wallet have been considered for the first round of the Retirement Plan participation.

When reached, James Dahkle, CEO at the U.K. Financial Ltd. has shared his opinion on the latest Maya Preferred progress:

“We’ve rushed into 2021 with the most ambitious aims, and we’re going to hit all the targets to achieve the goals. I wish to congratulate all of the investors grandfathered in the Round 1 of the MYEX Retirement Plan. And I am also excited about the Coinsbit listing. Things are happening very fast. MYEX will hopefully begin presale of its new Binance BCS exchange token in the next week, and on April 1st we are opening MYEX exchange. Just follow the news, we are looking forward to achieving new heights pretty soon.”

The U.K. Financial Ltd. has also announced the Round 2 of the MYEX Retirement Plan shall go live in a period from 3 to 6 months. Users who purchase the new Maya Preferred tokens on the open market will later have an option to transfer their coins to MYEX wallet in order to participate in the second round. The company will continue this cycle until further notice.


Maya Preferred (MAYP) is the flagship token of the U.K. Financial Ltd., backed with diversified gold, silver, and USD funds. The idea behind Maya Preferred is to back Bitcoin and altcoins with MAYP, giving them the joint value of gold, silver, and fiat behind MAYP itself, along with the most unique technologies used by the U.K. Financial Ltd.

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