Totem Guards NFTs: Reforesta Launches 1 Million NFT Fundraising Initiative for Amazon Forest

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All proceeds from Reforesta’s NFT sales will be used to reforest the Amazon Forest with teak and eucalyptus trees.

Reforesta has been the leader in sustainable teak and eucalyptus tree production for thirteen years and has extensive experience in the industry. Now, in a time of great concern for climate change, Reforesta will be minting 7777 unique “Totem Guards” NFTs to raise money to reforest the Amazon Forest with teak and eucalyptus trees.

The ‘Totem Guards’ NFT collection is an accessible digital art to add to your personal collection in support of a truly noble cause.

Bridging the Amazon Forest and the Crypto World

Reforesta’s mission is to bridge the Amazon and the crypto world through its expertise in designing and implementing projects and forestry plantations of native and exotic species. They want to achieve this by leveraging blockchain, specifically non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to reforest the Amazon. Reforesta will drop 7777 NFTs of Totem Guards to raise one million USD.

Teak is one of the most valuable trees in the world. However, wood products from natural forests are declining due to high growth demand in other regions. Eucalyptus trees are one of the most abundant trees globally. However, eucalyptus tree prices keep rising every year due to increased use in the furniture and paper industries.

Both teak and eucalyptus play vital roles in creating clean air and water, maintaining a healthy climate, and providing habitats for wildlife. That’s why Reforesta is making it simple for everyone to help support eucalyptus and teak reforestation in the Amazon by purchasing NFTs. With these funds, there will be foresters who dedicate time to planting teak and eucalyptus trees in the Amazon Forest, helping to restore the expected levels of CO2 in the Amazon.

Each minted Totem Guard NFT is an amazing image of a tree generated by artificial intelligence. They represent the guard spirits of the Amazon rainforest who gathered together and reached out to people. These guard spirits have been connected by one goal – to save the Amazon Forest by planting teak and eucalyptus trees.

How to Mint Totem Guard NFTs

Reforesta’s Totem Guard NFTs will officially drop on [date TBC]. The sale will take place in three stages – two rounds of presale and one round of public sale. Collectors can buy the NFTs directly on the Reforesta Totem Guard NFT website once minting starts. The process is entirely secure via the collectors’ respective MetaMask accounts. To participate in the minting, you will need to use Ether as the token and Ethereum as the blockchain.

Collectors can also keep track and view how many trees they help to plant via the Reforesta social media channels once the NFTs are sold out.

For a detailed roadmap and latest updates, visit the Reforesta Totem Guard NFT website and join their Discord community. 




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