Top 7 Best EOS DApps to Choose in 2019 by Deepanshu Bhatt

Here is the list of Top 7 Best EOS DApps selected by Blockchain Consultant Deepanshu Bhatt.

1. BC.Game:

BC.Game always believes that technology will create the exciting vision for the future that either enhance or replace activities and user experience. ATM, Hashdice, Blackjack, Roulette and many other games are here based on provable fairness of the blockchain technology. Plus, not only having fun, you can be a banker. Join BC.Game now and Boost Cryptocurrencies here!

BC.Game Features / Tech Specs:
  • Based on hash algorithm

2. XPet:

XPet is a valuable pet strategy battle game on EOS. XPet’s pets have the ability to store value/value extraction/value capture. XPET Monster World is a game based on the EOS main chain to develop a value storage strategy game.

Deepanshu BhattThe monster world is made up of 1 million cute pets. Each pet is unique in shape and gene. It is distributed in 6 continents and 201 territories. Pets and territories use digital currency to anchor value. Players In the game, you can strengthen the territory defense by upgrading the building, expand your pet’s strength by upgrading the pet, and freely buy and sell pets, props and territories in the trading market.

3. is an EOS based blockchain game about Wizards. Features / Tech Specs:
  • Battles
  • Tournaments
  • Marketplace
  • Magic Shop


MonsterEOS is a Tamagotchi style game in the EOS Blockchain where you keep your pets alive and happy by feeding them, providing a pleasant environment, and letting them rest. Features / Tech Specs:
  • Battles
  • Monster market

5. PandaFun:

PandaFun is an ‘EDS (Education Simulation)’ + ‘BSG (Board Strategy Game)’ blockchain game based on EOS. In EDS part, players can nurture pandas and let the pets have different skills. In BSG part, one panda can be selected together with the player to participate in a World Tour.

Panda Fun is the first real-time tactics blockchain dApp game based on EOS in the world! It combines all the exciting features of Monopoly except you’ll be able to also train and update your avatars to gain specifc skills.

All the important codes concerning game fairnress are fully open-source and on chain so that you’ll know you’re not being fooled by “the dealer”. Equally important, there is NO PRE-SALE of tokens in any kind.

6. Everipedia:

Everipedia’s IQ Network is an Encyclopedia that allows anyone to become a stakeholder in the system and earn rank, rewards & tokens for curating content. It is fully governed by IQ token holders, who can approve edits, create network-wide rules that govern the encyclopedia, as well as buy and sell services for tokens on the network.

Deepanshu BhattEveripedia Features / Tech Specs:
  • Decentralized. Articles are fetched using IPFS and EOS Storage.
  • Democratic. Proof of Stake (PoS) model allows for voting to change and upgrade the IQ network as it grows. Also will facilitate batch imports of new content with no fees.
  • Censorship Resistant. Live and permanent edits of content on the blockchain beyond the control of a central authority.
  • Financial Incentive. All holders of IQ will be incentivized to create quality, neutral content and to work together in building the reputation of the network.

7. EOS Knights:

EOS Knights is a mobile idle RPG blockchain game on the EOS platform. All player actions are performed on smart contracts. In EOS Knights, you must collect materials, craft items in order to make your knights stronger.

EOS Knights Features / Tech Specs:
  • Collect materials. Collect 55 items of Nature, Iron, Bone, Skin and Mineral.
  • Craft items. Craft items using materials according to recipe.
  • Adopt pets. 24 kinds of adorable pets are waiting for you.
  • Trade in market. Materials and items can be traded on the market with EOS.

This is the list of Top 7 EOS DApps Chosen by Deepanshu Bhatt. If you have any queries you directly contact him.

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