Top 5 Crypto Projects Under 5 Cents

The crypto-market has been recovering lately after a significant sell off. So, it might be a good time to invest and pick up a few projects at low costs. A lot of people prefer to buy assets with low unit cost, for multiple reasons. Let’s discuss the top 5 crypto projects that you can pick up today under 5 cents, i.e $0.05.

5. Ankr (ANKR) – $0.0081

Building the infrastructure for blockchain projects isn’t exactly an easy job, it takes high technical expertise and other resources to get it done correctly. Luckily, Ankr is willing to help. Integrated with the Polkadot giant of a project, Ankr is best described as a blockchain infrastructure marketplace for the next generation Web 3.0 development.

top 5 crypto project under $0.05
Ankr (ANKR) CoinGecko – Top 5 Crypto Projects Under $0.05

Ankr enables projects to deploy customized and user friendly nodes and one click APIs in seconds. It is powered by geographically distributed enterprise grade data centers.

Instead of building from scratch, projects can use Ankr’s proven technology to deploy the necessary infrastructure network. Ankr currently trades at a price of $0.0081. It trades on Binance, Bithumb, Kucoin, Huobi Global and Bittrex.

4. Chiliz (CHZ) – $0.0122

After the DeFi craze, some analysts predict that Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) could be the next major thing. To get a head start, look no further than Chiliz powering the Socios platform.

top 5 crypto project under $0.05
Chiliz (CHZ) CoinGecko – Top 5 Crypto Projects Under $0.05

Chiliz is aimed at sports and entertainment fans. Its flagship, the platform, is the world’s first scalable, tokenized voting platform. What it does is nothing short of incredible. It enables sport fans to acquire and exercise voting rights in their favorite sports teams. It also has an exchange specifically aimed at exchanging such assets.

Chiliz’ major clients are football clubs Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético de Madrid, Galatasaray, A.S. Roma, West Ham, Independiente and DOTA 2 E-sports champions OG. CHZ is currently selling at $0.0122 on exchanges. It trades on Binance, Upbit, Bilaxy, Kucoin and Bitfinex.

3. Siacoin (SC) – $0.0034

The original pioneer of decentralized low-cost data hosting and sharing, Siacoin has avoided the hype train and instead focused on quietly building in the background. A Proof of Work (POW) based blockchain, it allows anyone in the world to rent out their idle storage and turn it into a productive asset.

top 5 crypto project under $0.05
Siacoin (SC) CoinGecko – Top 5 Crypto Projects Under $0.05

It encrypts and distributes files to a large network of hosts. The redundancy, uptime and safe storage is guaranteed by the platform. Siacoin uses a special type of smart contract called “File Contract”.

Siacoin also launched a next generation Skynet network in Feb. 2020 to power a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) and file sharing platform. Skynet is a layer 2 solution, built on top of Sia. Siacoin described the Skynet launch as “the storage foundation of a free internet”. SC noted a modest price of $0.0034 recently. It trades on Binance, Kraken, OkEx, Bittrex and Huobi Global.

2. Matic Network (MATIC) – $0.02

The Ethereum blockchain faces a lot of congestion problems, resulting in high fees and long waiting times for transactions to get through. A couple of Layer 2 scaling solutions are working to address that very problem. The Binance Launchpad project Matic Network is one such promising project.

top 5 crypto project under $0.05
Matic Network (MATIC) CoinGecko – Top 5 Crypto Projects Under $0.05

Matic Network enables Ethereum scaling through its hybrid POS+Plasma sidechain, working alongside the mainnet. It can host limitless DApps on its infrastructure and has resulted in migration of over 50 DApps to its sidechain till date.

It can achieve 65,000 TPS on its network, under heavy load. Matic tokens are staked on the network directly or delegated to validators for rewards, in lieu of contributing to the network. MATIC trades at over $0.02 and is available at Binance, BKEX, Kyber Protocol, Uniswap and IDEX.

1. Akropolis (AKRO) – $0.0245

The up and coming Akropolis is a complete suite of DeFi services – combined into one neat and beautiful interface. It emerged on the scene not long ago and has already become a staple among DeFi enthusiasts. The principal component is the AkropolisOS, on which the other two products are built:
-Sparta: focused on undercollateralized loans
-Delphi: focused on automated passive mixed investing/income product

Top 5 Crypto Projects Under $0.05
Akropolis (AKRO) CoinGecko – Top 5 Crypto Projects Under $0.05

Akropolis aims to provide DeFi equivalents of core financial services such as insurable savings (variable and fixed rate savings deposits) and access to credit on relaxed terms. The platform has integrations with Compound, Maker, Aave, Curve, Fulcrum and dYdX. It focuses on community engagement and adding useful features. AKRO currently trades at $0.0245. It is available at Uniswap, KuCoin, Huobi Global and Bittrex.

Top 5 crypto $0.05
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