Top 10 Legendary Photos of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s Co-Founder

Vitalik Buterin has been known in the crypto community for his work on Ethereum and his exceptional programming skills.

But let’s forget his professional life for a few minutes. And let’s meet the hilarious and fun Vitalik! We’ve collected the top 10 photos of the Ethereum’s CEO, which will surely make you laugh. Let’s get the party started!

1: Fashion King Vitalik

In this photo with a beautiful view of the ocean (or sea), Vitalik shows us the new fashion trend: the Cat Bag.

Photo credit: TrustNodes

2: At the India Gate

Vitalik poses in cool sunglasses at the India Gate, a war memorial and impressive sightseeing point in Rajpath, New Delhi. But hey! Vitalik’s journey is not finished yet. Let’s see where the next picture takes us.

Photo credit: Twitter @fintechstorm

3: The Not-so-comfortable Presentation

This photo is directly from us (and we’re glad we took a picture of this) while Vitalik was presenting at a conference at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion). We hope the Ethereum founder was standing more comfortably as it seems…

Photo credit: Cryptopotato

4: Fog-covered Vitalik

If we’d have to guess, this image was taken in the British countryside. Vitalik is standing firmly on a rock while everything behind him is covered in mist.

Photo credit:

5: The Alien Spaceship Panel Discussion

Discussing Ethereum’s scaling with Justin Drake and Karl Floersch, Vitalik features a killer rainbow and cloud-covered T-shirt where alien spaceships are after a cool cat.

Photo credit: TechCrunch

6: Asian City Through Legendary Sunglasses

Another photo of Vitalik’s world tour. You can see the Ethereum CEO wearing a green Devcon One T-shirt and looking through the lens of a fashionable sunglasses.

Photo credit:

7: The Snake, the Girl, and the Contemplating Vitalik

This photo is so awesome that we had to analyze thoroughly what’s exactly happening in the picture (we still don’t know for sure). While the girl the Ethereum CEO is (or should be) posing with is holding a plush snake in her hands (???), Vitalik is either not aware that someone is taking a picture of him or he is wandering in another dimension.

Photo credit:Twitter @JWilliamsFstmed

8: The Fit Vitalik

This is one of our favorites. While the image is edited with Photoshop, the FitVitalik project is real. The goal of the fun project is to raise funds (over 33 ETH was raised in an ICO) to cover Vitalik’s gym membership among other things that will get the Ethereum CEO in shape.

Photo credit:

9: Vitalik Proof-of-Life Buterin

The original photo was uploaded in a tweet by Vitalik – though the gun was photoshopped by another Twitter user – featuring the “Proof-of-Life algorithm” at block 3,930,000.

Photo credit: Vitalik’s Twitter

10: The Badger Dance

In the opening of the Edcon 2018 in Toronto, Vitalik along with others were doing them… you know… the Badger Dance. You can check Vitalik’s sick dance skills in this video:


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