This Coin Is Now Surging Higher than Bitcoin and Ethereum!

Following the recent crash, cryptocurrencies are now experiencing a bull run. With Bitcoin now soaring past the $50,000 mark and Ethereum hitting $3,345, at the time of writing, it looks as though the latest rally hasn’t peaked yet. So, are BTC and ETH your best investment options in the current crypto climate? Surprisingly, the answer may be no. Meet Arbismart crypto.

Actually, there is one up-and-coming coin that is not only surging higher than Bitcoin and Ethereum but is also a lot more affordable. It also only recently started to gain wider recognition. RBIS is the native token of ArbiSmart, an automated crypto arbitrage platform and it has already risen in value by over 520%.

What Does it Do?

The ArbiSmart platform offers crypto arbitrage, a form of investing that involves profiting from brief instances where a cryptocurrency can be simultaneously available at different prices across a number of exchanges. These temporary price differences often occur as a result of variations in the trading volume and liquidity levels between exchanges of different sizes.

The ArbiSmart algorithm integrates with 35 exchanges where it monitors hundreds of digital assets 24 hours a day. On spotting a price difference, it generates a profit by automatically buying the asset on the exchange with the lowest price and then instantly selling it on the exchange where the price is highest.

What Are the Current Benefits?

The first major plus of the RBIS utility is the low “maintenance” since ArbiSmart automates everything. You just sign up, deposit funds and the platform will take over, converting your crypto or fiat into RBIS and using it to perform crypto arbitrage.

Another advantage is the reliability of your monthly and annual yields. In fact, you can calculate your future profits using ArbiSmart’s yield calculator, which tells you, in advance, how much you are guaranteed to earn based on whatever timeframe and investment amount you input.

The reason that profits are so predictable is that price differences across exchanges will continue to emerge whether the crypto market is in a bull or bear run. You can continue to earn generous profits even if the prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin take a sudden dive, making ArbiSmart an excellent hedging opportunity.

Lastly but most importantly, RBIS holders benefit from unmatched profits via multiple channels. To start with, depending on the size of your deposit, you will make between 10.8% and 45% a year from automated crypto arbitrage, which translates to between 0.9% and 3.75% every month. On top of these profits, you will be earning compound interest and then, of course, there are also capital gains generated by the rising value of RBIS which, in just two years, has already gone to more than five times its original price. If you choose a locked savings account, which remains closed for a pre-set period, you can also receive as much as 1% extra per day in passive income.

What Is Next for RBIS?

Analysts are projecting that by 2023, RBIS will have gone up to forty times the current price. One reason for this is the non-stop development schedule. The ArbiSmart development team has been implementing some major upgrades to its infrastructure, with more on the way before years’ end, as well as a series of fresh utilities for the RBIS token such as the upcoming crypto and fiat interest-generating wallet, expected in Q4 2021. More utilities are also on track for release in early 2022, including a yield farming program and a crypto credit card.

The community has been steadily growing since the project was launched in 2019. ArbiSmart had year-over-year growth of 150% in 2020, with a significant increase in client acquisition since the start of 2021. However, as RBIS gains popularity the supply of the token remains limited with the number of RBIS that can ever be created being capped at 450 million, and in time, this will push up the price,

Another promising development is the fact that in Q4 of this year, RBIS is going to be listed, which should further drive up the price. Use of any RBIS utility will require the purchase of the token on an exchange and RBIS holders will have little reason to part with their tokens as they are earning profits from crypto arbitrage, generous interest rates, and the rising token price.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are seeing promising price rises, these volatile coins have had a bumpy few months. Before the recent recovery began, a strong start to the year was followed by a sudden crash and another price collapse is a constant possibility. In contrast, RBIS has been on a steady, consistent upward trajectory since it was first launched. It is currently outperforming its more established competitors, with the price projected to take off in the months ahead, as the coin is listed, and new utilities are introduced.

To profit from one of the crypto industry’s most reliable, highest-performing coins, purchase RBIS now.

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