TheMoonMemes Announces $TMM Token Presale and Special Rate for Early Adopters

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TheMoonMemes, a new and exciting community-driven cryptocurrency project, announced the imminent presale of its $TMM token. The event is set to start soon and cater to crypto enthusiasts, memecoin collectors, investors, etc. Moreover, it includes an exclusive opportunity for early supporters to acquire $TMM tokens at a special rate before the price increases.

TheMoonMemes ($TMM) is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. It has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 $TMM tokens, of which 15% (15,000,000,000 tokens) are allocated for the presale. This way, early adopters have an ample opportunity to onboard the project. The presale is advertised on the project’s website. As soon as the presale starts, participants can connect their wallets and buy $TMM with ETH, BNB, or USDT.

Here’s a short description of the project’s tokenomics model:

  • Presale: 15%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Project Treasury: 25%
  • Staking Rewards: 20%
  • Exchange Liquidity: 15%
  • Reserve/Future Use: 15%

TheMoonMemes is an ambitious project seeking to revolutionize the meme culture by harnessing the innovations of decentralized blockchain technology. Its mission is to empower meme creators and crypto aficionados within a laidback community where humor and creativity pave the way toward a decentralized future.

The founder of TheMoonMemes described the project’s creed and goals:

“We believe that laughter and creativity should know no bounds. Our mission is to unite communities through decentralized expression and fun, making memes a powerful force for positive change.”

TheMoonMemes stands out from other memecoin projects through its community-centric approach. Every member has a say in shaping the meme culture’s future. In return for their support, members also get access to innovative features, unique utilities, and rewards. More importantly, they can thrive in a transparent environment that guarantees trust and reliability.

Token holders can earn rewards by participating in community activities. However, if they want to boost their passive income, they can stake $TMM for annual rewards of up to 166%. The project’s robust staking system offers passive income through transaction fees and newly minted tokens. Additionally, it provides exclusive access to community events, NFT drops, and more.

Staking $TMM could become a lucrative practice for token holders in the long run. That’s why joining the presale in its early stages is an additional incentive to acquire the token at a time-limited special rate.

About TheMoonMemes

TheMoonMemes is developed by an expert team drawing inspiration from the moon, a symbol of exploration and discovery. Its seamless integration of memes with the limitless potential of blockchain technology could spark a revolution in the world of memecoins and beyond.

The team has ambitious plans for the project, surpassing its initial entertainment purpose. According to the roadmap, the team aims to list $TMM on DEXs and tracking platforms like DEXTools, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko. Its development plan includes future releases, such as a staking-and-reward system, an NFT marketplace, and a “Memeverse,” according to the project’s whitepaper.

TheMoonMemes aims to create a lasting legacy in the meme world, starting with the upcoming $TMM presale. Join its rapidly growing community on the project’s social channels – X (Twitter) and Telegram –  and visit the official website for the latest updates on the token presale.

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