The World Football Coin Exchange on Lukki

The World Football Coin Exchange on Lukki

We are happy to announce that one more project holds IEO on Lukki Launchpad soon. The project is called World Football Coin Exchange. The token sale starts from 8 December 2019 and ends on 15 December 2019.

UssCyber’s business philosophy is to offer the highest quality of products, total client satisfaction and timely delivery of solutions. From the introduction of the Blockchain technology in 2008, opportunities for entrepreneurs and developers to innovate, create and offer tokens all over the globe have made a difference in today’s world. With innovative ideas, Blockchain can be a solution for many problems in the Technology industry, from security to finance and diversity of products, Blockchain opens doors for a new sector to be explored.

World Football Coin Exchange or WFCE for short, is the first innovation of cryptocurrency for sports. WFCE is the first decentralize coin exchange platform based on Bitcoin technology for creating a Blockchain Token across all major sports in the globe without any manipulation. Alternatively, it is a crypto coin Exchange Company, who solely manages and processes analytical and live data related to sports. This is performed by attaching the unique crypto coins to a team’s live data. WFCE is the first crypto platform that is not merely supported by supply and demand. Its first sports to be Tokenized will be Soccer(Football). (WFCE) “World Football Coin Exchange. UssCyber Inc.


WFCE the first blockchain platform tokenizing all major league football teams by utilizing the blockchain algorithm, attaching them to the live data performance of those teams and enabling fans and investors to feel that sense of ownership. Out observation is that the teams are going to want to secure some control over their value, thus creating a rush to acquire their team tokens upon market listing.


UssCyber Inc, for all projects under World Football Coin Exchange, offers a high level of transparency: UssCyber Inc, for all projects under the World Football Coin Exchange, provides a high level of transparency: The WFCE platform will be transparent with every transaction. All the match results will be supported by live football data. All sports teams will have the same performance algorithm benchmark that was developed internally. The difference between the team’s tokens market price is the leagues that they participate in which vary in difficulty levels according to the Regions, Global distributions and difficulty level by Continents. It is a FinCEN registered Company which is audited annually (system and financials). All public information is available on the WFCE Blockchain Platform, which is GDPR compliant.

It will be possible to purchase WFCE on the Lukki exchange from 8 December 2019 until 15 December 2019.



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