The United Allied States (UAS) : Integrating Essential Change to Nations in Africa

Continents like Africa have had their fair share of inconveniences over the years. Its economic performance has been broadly viewed with a lot of pessimism. Unlike countries like the United States, Africa performs significantly worse with lower productivity levels and growth, lower investment rates, low-tech manufacturing, etc. Yet, the common factors explaining the ‘dark continent’s’ disadvantage are inadequate infrastructure, minimum technological development, political competition, lack of access to finance, etc.

However, “there is light at the end of the tunnel,” because the United Allied States (UAS) is devoted to improving the lives of those in Africa by giving them access to unprecedented infrastructure, education, and healthcare. The UAS aims to strengthen Africa and other nations at large by being a center of research and development globally, providing the most efficient and technologically advanced government on earth and giving unparalleled freedom and prosperity with the ability for them to dominate in innovation and technology globally, and more.

Let’s look at some of the ways the United Allied States (UAS) is initiating change to Africa and other nations across the globe that are suffering from economic hardship and instability.

Introduction to the United Allied States

The United Allied States (UAS) aims to establish independent special economic zones worldwide that will operate with the utmost freedom. Each of these sovereign nations will offer its citizens freedom and prosperity by employing certain market economic principles that will undoubtedly facilitate economic growth and encourage wealth creation. 

The UAS aims to eradicate the economic fraught between nations by impacting the lives of not only its citizens but its allies, partners, and the whole world. Furthermore, through some comprehensive ways, it will improve Africa and the other nations across the globe to become the freest and most prosperous nations on earth. They include:

Encouraging Autonomy

It is the primary vision of the UAS that all nations can potentially generate unprecedented freedom and prosperity. To date, it’s still debatable why Africa, arguably the world’s most prosperous continent in terms of natural resources, still has some of the world’s poorest people. Despite a wealth of natural resources, it still measures small size economic activity.

However, the United Allied States will ensure each nation acts as a permanent state providing energy, infrastructure, food, jobs, and other significant resources to its partner nation. Each government will have to sign a treaty between the UAS and its ally to allow sovereignty. Once a nation signs this treaty, the UAS will give foreign companies, foreign investors, and citizens an economically stable environment to develop costly infrastructure in areas considered high risk.

A continent like Africa can now succumb to this opportunity with well-paying jobs, injected money into its local economy, and opened up resources and infrastructure that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Many nations in the world have not yet fully utilized the full functionalities and potentials of blockchain technology. This advanced technology provides advantages like transparency and security. The good thing is that UAS operates on the hyper-efficient system – blockchain technology – and nations in Africa can now get to feel the pinch.

UAS aims to make UAS the most technologically advanced government on earth, and eradicate transparency and security concerns; it’s sure to prosper efficiently.

Better Education

UAS aims to improve the lives of those in Africa by giving them access to quality education. It will help Africans compete globally and dominate in innovation, finance, and technology. By giving children a world-leading education, they can use this in research, development, and innovation, and they can better equip themselves with unparalleled jobs and opportunities.

Robust Currency

The United Allied States plans to create the world’s strongest national currency. It will print gold on its bill while backing it with gold continually. Also, blockchain will maintain transparency and also confirm its supply.

Upgrading Businesses

The United Allied States will help entrepreneurs and businesses in the world succeed by enabling freedom, giving children education that will lead to more research, innovations, and development. Also, UAS plans to create a free and open forum from the brightest minds on earth to promote extensive research and discoveries, which will upgrade local businesses.

Improved Government

UAS announced on May 20, 2020, the formation of its new sovereign government. It has a stable government that adopts policies of low taxation, minimal regulation, and business security. The UAS government mitigates some of the common discrepancies between the American government and the African government and other nations.

The UAS government will provide other nations with income-tax-free businesses to develop more capital to build an enormous freedom focused economy.

With the notion that governments are only there to serve and protect their people, the UAS government works to preserve individual rights and liberty; and promote a free-market enterprise that fuels small business.

The UAS government allows citizens and businesses to pay 0% personal income tax and 0% corporate tax with no property tax. Such regulations will aid businesses to grow and innovate entirely.

Improved Accessibility

The United Allied States will interconnect all government departments and services using blockchain technology. Any UAS resident can access the UAS National Government Platform, which has simplified services for easy access. Any action you wish to partake is accessible in one location, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

Parting Shot

The United Allies States (UAS) has expanded our idea of freedom far beyond the past norm. It gives us a chance to start fresh from our past mistakes and introduce us to a free society. With the fight against globalism, the UAS government will help local people to generate more capital for businesses to build the economy. 

UAS brings unity and freedom to all its citizens, of all beliefs and colors. The UAS National Government Platform will interconnect everyone in one location for easier accessibility of services. It will fill the gap in most economies by adopting policies of low taxes, minimum regulation, and promoting unparalleled levels of freedom and prosperity.

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