The Sandbox FAILED its Community by letting Hackers take Control

Cryptocurrency investments often yield very high and attract investors from all over the world. This new investment scheme is picking up among techy investors, but there are many times where such projects fall short. The Sandbox is one of those projects that failed its community recently. Their servers are currently down, people are angry and lost on their Telegram group and admins are nowhere to be seen. What is happening with The Sandbox crypto?

The sandbox crypto

Why Did The Sandbox Crypto Fail its community?

The Sandbox announced on the 1st of July a “Summer Jam” event, where they’ll be selling 1,050 regular lands and 350 premium lands. Their community were very excited for this big event. They basically got ready to buy and anticipated a “solid support” and “smooth operations” during that big day. Normally, professional companies take heed of such events and plan ahead of time. For the case of The Sandbox, it was pure chaos.

Users from the community were logged out and couldn’t sign in to purchase, while others who managed to do so, couldn’t place any order and were met by BOTS who purchased everything before they managed to do. Most bots either locked in a land, or managed to DDOS the server, and in turn the website wasn’t accessible anymore.

From buttons not loading, to maps not appearing…The whole event was a mess. Despite the project moving from the Ethereum mainnet to the Polygon sidechain, the second wave of the summer sale was met with huge criticism on the Telegram group. Why didn’t the company employ better security standards knowing that such things might happen? How is the company going to move forward after this whole mess?

How did the Official Sandbox Team Handle the Situation?

Instead of apologizing to the community on their Telegram group, there is no sign of any support from the company. It’s basically users comforting each other and trying to give hope to the ones who got frustrated. On their official Twitter account, the company took things lightly and showed “amazement” by the number of people trying to purchase. They also posted that the company server is down due to an “upgrade” from reallocating existing infrastructure.

This claim is not very believable though, as no professional company decides to upgrade servers on an important day. The company should’ve deployed days prior to this event, and tested professionally.

We remain on the lookout for what happens next, but for now, no one is excited to buy anymore. Bots are reserving, buy buttons are flawed, and there is no support throughout the process.

The Sandbox SAND
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