The Return of Satoshi and MT.Gox Funds: The Top 5 Bitcoin & Crypto April Fools Pranks

As to today’s April 1, we decided to dedicate this unique post for the hall of fame of the Bitcoin and crypto April Fools pranks in the crypto world.

Vitalik Buterin’s WTF

On April 1, 2018, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin announced World Trade Francs (WTF) as the official stablecoin of the Ethereum blockchain. Along with WTF, Vitalik also announced the World Decentral Bank that is functioning as per the Perfect Monetary Policy as well as an ICO (that only accepts payments in lizardcoins) for the new stablecoin.

Vitalik Buterin

Fun fact: Vitalik listed himself as “Vitallk Vuterin, the Twitter scamming veteran” along with Barack Obama and a moose in the “People” section of the prank project.

This wasn’t the first prank of Ethereum’s legendary creator. In 2017, Vitalik introduced the “Proof of Vitalik” transaction reversion algorithm on the Ethereum blog.

Bitpanda adding tulips as a new asset class

Today, the Austrian cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda has announced that it is adding tulips as a new asset class to its platform.

“Clever people like Nouriel Roubini called Bitcoin the ‘mother of all bubbles’, and ‘much worse’ than the tulip mania. So we decided to revive this promising and attractive asset class,” Bitpanda wrote in a blog post.

According to the company, Bitpanda users are now able to trade digital tulip bulbs if they head to the website of the exchange.

Satoshi returns: “I’m not Craig S. Wright.”

Did you know Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto has returned today to Bitcointalk? We didn’t either.

Crypto Insider published a fun post today claiming that Satoshi has reactivated his Bitcointalk account after years of silence to tell he is not Craig S. Wright, and to say “see you in 2140.” He also posted this meme:


DEA agent returns 665,950 BTC to Mt.Gox

Reddit also had its share of Crypto April Fools. In 2015, where a Reddit thread reported that a former DEA agent has agreed to return nearly 670,000 BTC that got stolen from Mt.Gox to the cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitcoin CEO bans China

In a 2014 CoinDesk April Fools coverage, the crypto news outlet published a post stating that in a unanimously approved decision by “Bitcoin’s shareholders, the Bitcoin Board of Directors, HaCkerz4BITZ and the Bitcoin Steering Board, the CEO of Bitcoin has decided to ban China.

The same day, Vitalik has published a similar post where Ethereum’s creator stated that China had banned April Fools jokes in the country.

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