The NYC Smart City Blockchain Pilot Confirmed to Start in 2019


  • According to the new announcement by Berlin-based MXC, a new project that potentially can have a significant impact on the smart-cities industry is about to start soon.
  • The project revolves around collecting data regarding different processes in New York City, for the purpose of achieving more precision in performing them, and cutting down the costs of doing so.
  • By obtaining, processing, and using the data, the MXC hopes to set up a model for creating Smart Cities, with the NYC being the first one.

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, a blockchain-based non-profit company MXC, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, announced a project that will have a massive impact on the future of blockchain, IoT, and even the way of life in New York City. The project, called the 2019 NYC Smart City Program, will be done in cooperation with two other entities — Citiesense, and MatchX GmbH.

In addition, MXC has announced the launch of their own “Smart City IoT Standard”, the MXProtocol, which will be crucial for the project’s success. Apart from the MXProtocol, the project will depend on hundreds of LPWAN Gateways and Smart Sensors which will be deployed in NYC’s business districts.

Obtaining the data as a way to bring change

The goal of placing so many sensors is to collect data regarding things such as asset management, waste management, and alike. The data will be processed and used for employing new solutions, which will decrease the operational cost, reduce traffic congestion, and result in adding more quality to NYC citizens’ way of life.

Aaron Wagener, the MXC co-founder, has commented on the project, stating that it will have a big impact on the future of IoT, but also on New Yorkers themselves. Through MXProtocol and insights provided by Citiesense, the data reach and efficiency of necessary processes will be significantly increased. By adding more precision to these processes, the lives of NYC citizens in the entire city will be changed.

Citiesense’s CEO, Starling Childs, also commented on the move, stating that collecting data is the key for massively improving efficiency, but also for decreasing the negative impact on the environment. The incorporation of modern solutions, such as the LPWAN standard — data will be transmitted more efficiently and reliably.

LPWAN itself is a type of technology that is very energy-efficient and reliable, especially in terms of wireless transmissions. According to MatchX’s CEO, Xin Hu, such technology is very useful in smart cities. Furthermore, the new partnership between these entities will serve as a model for smart city integrations in the future.

Blockchain: The tech that will change the world

As 2018 comes to an end, many are having high expectations of 2019, expecting big changes thanks to the new blockchain technology. A lot of developers, blockchain enthusiasts, as well as analysts believe that the blockchain technology is ready for worldwide integration. If true, then 2019 might be the year when it will officially start.

Apart from being practical and more efficient, this technology was discovered to have a near-unlimited potential in regards to real-world implementation. As the awareness of it grows, cities around the globe are getting more interested in it. Because of that, MXC is trying to go one step further, and provide an idea of combined blockchain and IoT.

As mentioned, the MXC Foundation is a non-profit, but also purpose-built organization. Its goal is to inspire and enable efficiency, great speeds, and decentralization when it comes to data exchanging. It is attempting to achieve this through the blockchain technology in combination with LPWAN.

According to the MXC team, MXC in combination with LPWAN may be the next step in technological advancement, and it may even be the step that will bring forth the next big industrial revolution. At this point, the greatest product of the fourth industrial revolution is believed to be a Smart City Standard, which will also be the future of IoT, and one of the biggest applications of blockchain technology.

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