Tech Bureau Europe Partner Chronoswiss To Launch Crypto Branded Wristwatches

Tech Bureau Europe Partner Chronoswiss To Launch Crypto Branded Wristwatches

Swiss-based Tech Bureau Europe has joined forces with Chronoswiss, a highly reputed watchmaker to launch an online store for exclusive crypto branded timepieces based on the Flying Regulator Open Gear.

Per the team, five luxury wristwatch designs have been created in honor of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zaif, NEM, and COMSA, with only 101 pieces created for each brand.

All the luxurious timepieces are exclusively available on Tech Bureau Europe’s newly created online store and the certificate of each watch has been immortalized on the blockchain.

Importantly, the purchasing process of each wristwatch is quite secure and straightforward.

Each luxury timepiece is manufactured according to the highest Swiss watchmaking standards. The available models include:

Bitcoin – The currency

NEM – The harvest

Ethereum – The Contract

Zaif – The Exchange

COMSA – The Token  

Commenting on the development, Oliver Ebstein, founder, and CEO of Chronoswiss said that:

“With this homage to cryptocurrencies, Chronoswiss is combining the roots of traditional watchmaking expertise with the digital revolution of the new global currencies. It is thus more than natural to be curious and open-minded about the future. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the future, which Chronoswiss is also actively following and supporting. That is why we are proud to use DLT as a marketing tool and a means of certifying our timepieces.”

Collaboration With LuxTag Blockchain Technology

As stated earlier, the details of each luxury watch will be stored on the LuxTag blockchain network which is powered by NEM.

The platform offers digitized tagging solution targeted at preventing the counterfeiting of luxury goods.

“With Chronoswiss as our partner, we were able to successfully manifest our vision of five cryptocurrency –inspired luxury watches.”

About Chronoswiss

Founded in 1983, in the midst of the quartz crisis when only visionaries believed in mechanical watches, Chronoswiss chas contributed greatly to the revival of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Tech Bureau Holdings

The firm has created subsidiaries in the U.S. and Switzerland, offering software services for blockchain technology.

Tech Bureau Holdings has launched Mijin v.2 an open-source project that allows users to test Mijin gratuitously for 30 days as a private blockchain on Microsoft Azure.

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