StormGain Introduces Internet Computer (ICP) Trading At 0% Commission

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StormGain is pleased to announce the addition of Internet Computer (ICP) trading to its platform. There are many benefits to trading this asset, as its short-term price analysis still looks bullish, despite the recent bearish trend observed on the crypto market. Users of Stormgain will benefit from 0% commission, as well as other perks.

StormGain is an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that provides trading services and other features to its customers. The company is also the #1 interest rate provided for crypto traders by CoinMarketCap, further highlighting its potential in this industry. In addition, the platform now supports trading of Internet Computer (ICP) at 0% commission to keep the momentum going. As ICP remains one of the hottest crypto assets on the market today, the addition is relatively straightforward.

Internet Computer (ICP) entered the cryptocurrency market cap top 10 quickly after its launch on May 10, 2021. The price promptly spiked to an all-time high of $750, elevating its market capitalization of $53 billion. Since then, the price has come down, creating many new investment opportunities for both novices and experienced cryptocurrency traders. According to Dfinity founder Dominic Williams, Internet Computer is “the third major innovation in blockchain, following Bitcoin and Ethereum”.

Users who trade Internet Computer (ICP) on StormGain will benefit from 0% commission. That rate applies by default and does not require any intervention by the user to achieve this level. It is one of the crucial benefits of trading with StormGain, as the platform prioritizes low or zero trading fees to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to millions of people.

Furthermore, StormGain provides a premium trading signal to all its users. That service spans daily updates, ideas, and news from the broader cryptocurrency market to help traders make better-informed decisions. The platform is also intuitive to use and manage assets and facilitates convenient buying and selling of cryptocurrency through traditional payment methods. There is also the option to leverage positions up to 300x, which is far higher than the industry average.

At Stormgain, traders also have the option to increase the position size and leverage their profit interest-free. Last but not least, newcomers can experiment with a demo account of $50,000 to see how the platform works, which options they can explore, and how to make the best-informed trading decisions.

About StormGain

StormGain provides cryptocurrency trading and exchange solutions, offering low-cost access to the crypto markets.

StormGain’s platform allows traders to take both long and short positions and put their trading ideas into action on an array of cryptocurrencies while benefiting from up to x100 multiplier to leverage up their stakes. StormGain also offers trading signals to help its clients spot the best trading opportunities in the crypto markets, as well as a demo account to allow users to familiarise themselves with the platform before trading with real money.

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