Speakers at Blockshow Asia 2018

Speakers at Blockshow Asia 2018

The Blockshow Asia 2018 will be a groundbreaking event with very exciting activities. It promises to be a week-long moment of interaction and fun from 27 November to 1 December. What is more exciting? There is an incredible lineup of speakers who will make the event worthwhile. This year, blockshow has handpicked 100 amazing speakers from around the globe to ensure the occasion is better than the last Blockshow America.

Top Speakers

Among those who will be speaking at the Blockshow Asia conference is Bobby Lee, a renown figure in the cryptocurrency space. He is a Board Member of Bitcoin Foundation and also Co-founder of BTCC. another key speaker will be Sinhae Lee, a top personality in the industry. He is a partner at Goal Blockchain Innovative Capital, one of the most influential crypto funds. Sinhae will be live on stage to give a talk at the event. Justin Chow, an expert in cryptomarkets evolution and crypto trading. He is also Cumberland’s Head of Business Development in Asia.

Also among the speakers is famous Thomas Lee who is former JPMorgan Managing Director and currently Managing Partner and Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC. a former Wall Street professional Tone Vays will also be mounting the stage. Vays is a Crypto and Blockchain Educator, Researcher and Consultant with a passion to remove scams and sanitize the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry.

Another amazing speaker will be Alex Mashinsky who is the Founder of Celcius Network. He has also found more than 7 other projects with more than 120 Venture Capitalist Investments. Also considered to be the inventor of VOIP technology, Mashinsky has over 50 patents including Bandwidth Trading, Click to Call, Discount Management on the web among others.

A professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Co-founder of BlockAsset David Lee will also be on the stage. Lee wants to harness technology for ASEAN connectivity and Financial Inclusion using Singapore as a “smart nation”. Another speaker Joseph Young  
Is a contributor to Bitcoin Magazine, Cointelegraph, Forbes, and Hacked.com.

The Director of Litecoin Foundation, Zing Yang will also be speaking at the event. her focus is on enhancing change, compassion, and joy. She is out to build global communities and bring about global connectivity through technology. Michael Gu is also one of the key speakers at the Blockshow event. Gu is the Founder of Boxmining and a Blockchain expert. Alex Medana the Co-Founder and CEO of FinFabrik will also be speaking. Medana is also a Board Member of Fintech Association in Hongkong. His mission is to improve wealth management I capital markets using next-generation platforms.

Breakdown of events

The Asia Blockshow is slated to start on 27 November with a VIP pre-party followed by the main event at Marina Bay Sands with a focus on “The Future of the Token Economy” at SUSS. the last day will be an open day for all hubs, accelerators, and companies in Singapore will open their doors. You can buy tickets for the event at BlockShow Asia website to witness this exciting event.

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