South Korea to deploy blockchain voting in apartments

The South Korean Government is working on integrating blockchain technology into people’s homes to make it easier for them to vote and enjoy other services

As the blockchain frenzy in South Korea continues, the government is taking the technology to the housing sector by pledging $1.27 million to the cause. The funds will go towards developing a blockchain-based platform that targets people living in apartments across the country.

ZDNet Korea reported that the Ministry of Science in South Korea has chosen a local firm, Ksign, for this project. Ksign will develop a contact-free platform that would enable residents to engage with electronic voting while enjoying other benefits, such as parking space management and a few other housing-based measures.

The new blockchain platform will enable people to vote from their homes. The national government seems to be making this move as the country conducted its latest legislative elections on April 15, 2020, at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the world.

The platform will be designed to aid social distancing; the creators of the platform believe this will boost public health in apartment spaces. The blockchain platform will be available for use by homeowners, residents and the management of apartment buildings. In addition to electronic voting and parking space management features, the platform will also provide video conferencing and electronic payment solutions.

Keo Ja-in, vice president of Ksign, while commenting on the development of the platform, stated they are developing a decentralised identifier (DID) that can be applied to the token ecosystem. They intend to achieve this by controlling personal information and verifying the identity of users by controlling personal information. “The goal is to also create a token ecosystem that can be used in any store,” he added.

The DID is a new type of digital identifier that supports a verifiable, decentralised digital identity. A DID identifies a subject (an organisation, a person, a thing, data model, abstract entity or more).

Blockchain voting has been one of the main talking points in South Korea recently. On September 11, the head of the Seocho regional government discussed the possibility of bringing a blockchain-powered voting platform to residents.

The developers have no set timeline for the completion of the blockchain voting platform. However, South Korea will hold its presidential elections in 2022, and it would be exciting to see blockchain technology playing a role in the upcoming election.

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