SherCoin Blockchain Project Poised to Foster Mass Blockchain Adoption with its Utility Token

SherCoin Blockchain Project Poised to Foster Mass Blockchain Adoption with its Utility Token

Revolutionary DLT platform, SherCoin has established a robust platform with highly functional utility token, all designed to aid mass blockchain adoption.

Since the bullish rally of bitcoin and other digital assets brought blockchain technology into the consciousness of everyone in 2017, to date, the blockchain industry has achieved significant success.

However, solutions and platforms that are being created in this present market don’t possess user-friendly qualities and versatile applications.

Incentivising Mass Adoption

According to recent reports, it is evaluated that about 2.5 billion people have cell phones with 99.9% of the populace not having cryptocurrency wallets.

Digital currencies are embraced as a tool for financial inclusion, a solution that could help the masses circumvent the inefficiencies of the traditional finance system by eliminating intermediaries and making cross-border payments faster.

SherCoin aims to integrate with a mesh network platform to permit people with no internet access to use their applications.

Research conducted by SherCoin has revealed a critical problem with many altcoins powered by the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain (ERC20 tokens) – they often have a single use case.

Team SherCoin firmly believes that an excellent token is one that has several use cases and utility, and SherCoin (SHER), a token with five different related applications that tackle pain areas and incentivize mass adoption best fits that description.

SherCoin connects a vast array of digital assets in an ecosystem where they can be earned and spent across multiple platforms.


The new SherCoin innovation can be used for the following:

  •    Verify App: SherCoin protects both users and business against any suspicious activity by providing users with SHER rewards used for reporting dubious products that are unverified within the app.
  •    SherCoin Global Wallet: With this user-friendly app, smartphone users can now access SherCoin platform with ease.
  •    Survey App: Users of this application earn SHER reward for completing surveys and providing valuable feedback to the businesses. This application will be live Q3 2019
  •    SherCoin Marketplace: Whether on the web or mobile phones, users will be able to seamlessly trade products and services and get paid in SHER, without having to worry about price volatility and high transaction charges.

The Marketplace will go live in quarter 4 of next year

  • SherCoin Pay  – The SHER token is easily redeemable, and it will get integrated into a vast array of e-commerce sites, payments platforms and more. SherCoin Pay will also become functional in Q4 of 2019.

The SherCoin token sale is presently in its private sale phase which will last for 60 days ending December 19th with 75 million of 1.5 billion total SHER available; furthermore, there is up to 50% bonus for tokens purchased in this phase. Minimum purchase is 3 ETH, maximum 1000 ETH.

Stage one of the main sale will begin Q1 of 2019 for a 90 day period, after which stage two will commence in Q3 2019. 600 million SHER tokens will be available over these periods. During this phase, the minimum purchase is 0.1 ETH, with a maximum of 500 ETH.

The SherCoin team is also exploring innovative decentralized organization process inspired by DAICO proposed by Vitalik Buterin to protect the community.

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