Sanin, the Shiba Inu killer: the vision

Who is Moonoshi? As Ryoshi once said, who I am is not important .. we are all Ryoshi, and we are all Moonoshi. From the inspiration left by our mentor, the passion for creating new decentralized communities and proving once again to the world that it can be done. Decentralization, it works.. Sanin was born from this boundless love for Shiba and for the decentralized community, and then you will ask why “The Shiba Inu killer”? But aren’t love and hate sides of the same coin? Many have challenged Shiba, some by creating successful cases, but they were all super taxed coins, which created large cash flows and therefore ease in finding resources.

But which of them really did it by spending zero dollars, like Shiba did? Nobody.

Hence, Sanin’s challenge: Sanin tokens are 1 trillion and they are all on the market, like Shiba. There are no reserved team wallets. The owner gave up the contract and all liquidity was burned in the uniswap pool forever. Tokenomics is similar to that of Shiba, although improved: each holder cannot own more than 2% of the supply, to avoid concentrations that are harmful to decentralization.

Who is the team? The sanin team is its community itself. Whoever wants to be Sanin and proves he is, he is Sanin.

Sanin’s future: The Sanin’s future will be chosen by the community. After a fair launch on April 5, 2022, with the token on the market, the first doggos made their purchases. Sanin collected more than 1000 holders in one week and a first community self-determined. Our current case use, as well as the primary goal is to defeat Shiba :), but we know that it won’t be easy. And so we came up with a plan.

Major devs have become passionate about the Sanin project, becoming Sanin themselves, and have offered to create a platform that will be ready a few weeks after the plan was revealed ON APRIL 30TH and that will give important DeFi functions to Sanin.

What can I do to help Sanin? – You can hold Sanin and support the community and the project with your investment – You can spread Sanin on various socials – You can voluntarily work for Sanin by offering your skills and bringing skilled people into the community

Decentralization is looking within oneself, detaching oneself from one’s individuality to become a collective, and acquiring that strength necessary to realize any kind of dream. This is Sanin ..

Shiba, we are coming.

Sanin Inu contract — 0x4521C9aD6A3D4230803aB752Ed238BE11F8B342F

Tokenomics ✔️ 1T fixed total supply ✔️ 0% buy/sale tax ✔️ 100% LP tokens burned ✔️ No presale, no team tokens ✔️ Contract renounced

OFFICIAL LINKS 🟧 Website: 🟧. Twitter: 🟧. Telegram: 🟧. Discord: — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 🟧. Renounce tranx: 🟧. Liquidity burned: 🟧 100/100 on Token Sniffer:

Shiba, we are coming. Resistance is futile…

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