Redstone, Telecor’s Data and Mining Facility Set to Launch in 2019

Redstone, Telecor’s Data and Mining Facility Set to Launch in 2019

Telecor has announced the construction of a brand new data and mining center in Russia called Redstone, and it would begin operations in early 2019.

The firm says its data center which is being constructed at the Krasnokamensk in almost completed and would serve as the new home for cryptocurrency miners from various regions starting from 2019.

Redstone offers crypto miners all the critical facilities to make their mining operations profitable, including cheap electricity, water and more.

Its worthy of note that Telecor has completed more than 500 projects in engineering, automation, IT, and others in Russia for the past 15 years.

Telecor’s Redstone data centre will have an electricity generating capacity of 50MW on its off-grid generator station, providing stable electricity to all.

Redstone is located at the spot with Rosatom’s non-nuclear power plant. Rosatom is a State Nuclear Energy Corporation and its also in support of the project.

Redstone is situated in an area where superfast internet connectivity is easily accessible, and it’s also near the Chinese border and Manchuria’s airport, making it easy for miners to deliver their equipment without spending much on logistics.

“Amid predictions about constant increase in electricity prices, Telecor is able to fix service prices provided at Redstone for the next 10 years, it is an important and valuable benefit for our customers. Due to low costs and own energy generation at Redstone, which are for sure some of the most important benefits of this site, our company could offer very low prices, probably the lowest, not only in Russia but throughout the globe,” noted Andrew Chernoknizhnikov, CEO of Telecor.

The government of Krasnokamensk are seriously in support of the Redstone project as they need the area to develop quickly so that residents can also get employed.

Redstone is also structured in a transparent manner that will ensure long-term stability to all.

Telecor will finance the initial phase of the project, and by May 2019, it is expected that the 50MW electricity would have been ready.

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