Quick and Easy Guide to Truffle

As the cryptocurrency industry is growing more and more, decentralized applications or dApps are also becoming more and more necessary. In order for programmers to develop these dApps in an agile and efficient way, tools like Truffle Suite are created.

This tool consists of three elements: Truffle, Ganache and Drizzle. Truffle is a development environment and testing framework whose goal is for developers to use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) as a base in a simple way.

Advantages of Truffle, Ganache and Drizzle

Ganache is a blockchain that a developer can use to deploy Smart contracts or develop apps. It can work both as an app and as a command line tool. The biggest advantage of Ganache is that it allows setting up networks to create a blockchain. It provides the user with one that allows them to see how the blockchain reacts to actions performed, explore all the blocks in the chain and see what is happening.

Drizzle is a repertoire of libraries that help the dApp developer and is based on a Redux store that provides users with access to development tools.

First we must install Truffle on the computer and then we can start projects in two ways: by creating a project from scratch using truffle init, which will create a basic structure or with the unbox command, which will allow us to download projects on which we can develop dApps.

Once created from either of the two options, it automatically creates folders such as contracts, tests, etc… with a file titled truffle-config.js. The first folder is the contracts folder and here are all the contract files that the project has. The migrations folder has project migration files, these are files that deploy smart contracts to an Ethereum blockchain. So a migration is a set of commands that make the deployment process possible. The test folder has the tests for the smart contracts, which can be written in various languages (Solidity, javascript…). 

There are two ways to write tests using the automated framework, one is using Javascript to exercise the contracts from the outside and another with Solidity to exercise the contracts in advance in a bare-to-the-metal scenario.

As a conclusion, Truffle Suit is a great tool for dApp development as it provides functionality to a field new to most people. The ability to develop and test if a program works properly before deploying it on a blockchain helps developers improve.

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