Privacy First: John McAfee’s New Crypto Debit Card Will Be Semi-Anonymous

John McAfee, the vocal crypto supporter who is running for U.S. presidency in 2020 and planning to manage his campaign from a boat, has announced that his new cryptocurrency debit card will be privacy and anonymity-focused.

Only a name and address needed

McAfee tweeted today that users of his upcoming crypto debit card will only need to provide their names and addresses with P.O. boxes being acceptable.

“One thing I forgot to mention about my upcoming Visa/Mastercard Crypto Debit Card: I retain the privacy and anonymity inherent in Crypto. We ask only what name you want on the card and what address you want it shipped to. P.O. boxes are acceptable,” he said.

Drinks for Bitcoin

Earlier this month, McAfee posted a tweet claiming that he just completed the first functional transaction with his crypto debit card, scanning the code on the back with his wallet, and transferring BTC to buy drinks for his development team.

Later on the same day, he posted an image showing the front and the back of the debit card along with the drink he bought using it.

An interesting claim about McAfee’s cryptocurrency credit card is that, according to him, it will be available as both a Mastercard and a Visa debit card.

Too much testing?

McAfee also encouraged users to send BTC to his wallet address shown on the back of his card for testing.

However, it seems like McAfee received too many test transactions, posting a screenshot of his wallet a day after as well as dissuading his followers from sending more Bitcoins for testing:

“When I suggested in my last tweet that naysayers saying the scan code on the back of my Bitcoin Visa card was not even real, should just try sending Bitcoins and see — sure as heck, the BTC started arriving. I insist this stop. Already the IRS hates me.”

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