PrimeXBT: enjoy up to 100x leverage with the liquidity of 12 crypto exchanges combined

PrimeXBT: enjoy up to 100x leverage with the liquidity of 12 crypto exchanges combined

If you have traded on two or more crypto exchanges, even for a day, you would have noticed the high trading fees, low liquidity, days waiting for KYC procedures, unexpected downtime during trades, and many more. Perhaps, this might be why you will rather hodl than make loads of cash, from the volatile swing of the market.

In an attempt to solve these problems, PrimeXBT, for the first time, is the first crypto exchange to combine systems and technological tools, from the stock market with those of the crypto market. Unlike cryptos’, stock exchanges have evolved for decades with proven methods. These systems have helped the market scale the growing demands over the years.

The PrimeXBT team presents a model for the next generation of scalable crypto exchanges. An exchange built on the lessons and decades of testing of other markets. Their methods, beautifully, address the problem of low liquidity, unexpected down-times, KYC delays, high trading fees, limited order types, and several others.

Let’s have a closer look at the PrimeXBT services, technological systems, and tools.

PrimeXBT: enjoy up to 100x leverage with the liquidity of 12 crypto exchanges combined

No More KYC Procedures

Anonymity and privacy are hard to come by in any transactional relationship, these days. There is always a government agency somewhere prying into people’s’ financial history. This has resulted in KYC procedures been imposed on customers — a process which sometimes take days if not weeks.

With PrimeXBT, your anonymity and privacy is a high priority. Once you sign up, you are good to make your first deposit and trades, with absolutely no limits.

The Highest leverage for margin trades

PrimeXBT offers a generous 100X leverage on margin trades. You will definitely not find a bigger offer anywhere else; not from another crypto exchange. There is not a reason why you should Hodl those coins and not exploit this leverage and make 100 times more on margin trades.

Ultra High liquidity aggregator

Right from our launch, you will enjoy the liquidity of 12 high volume exchanges combined, from your PrimeXBT dashboard. In other words, your bids and ask prices will be opened across 12 other exchanges: no more wide spreads, and unfair market prices.

Think of this as arbitraging across 12 other high volume exchanges from your PrimeXBT account.

High volume trading Engines used by institutional investors

Now for the first time in the Crypto market, PrimeXBT has developed a large-scale high volume trading engine. The type used by top volume traders in the stock market to execute large trades.

This tool can exploit milliseconds of price differences on the charts. It is ideal for trades that run into several Billion dollars; the type executed by large institutional investors.

With this trading tool, you can now open and close trades with light speed orders and no lag time whatsoever. Also, this will be the doorway to very high volume trades that drive liquidity to the roof.

Advanced order limit

Our order types range from the regular, buy and sell orders, to more advanced, and dynamic order types. At PrimeXBT, the only limit to your order choice is your imagination and trading prowess. Our order types are as follows:

Market Order: with these, you can buy or sell at the best available price on PrimeXBT. Also, your order is open to all twelve exchanges with their prices aggregated on PrimeXBT. Our market price is most likely the best price you can get on anywhere.

Stop Order: these orders are executed to buy or sell, once the set price is reached. If you are in a long or short position, where you want to sell or buy at a specific price, our stop order lets you have it automatically executed.

Limit Order: with this order type, you can now buy or sell, once the market offers you a set price or something better. What is more, once you place this order, you can walk out and go grab a cup of coffee, while our ultra-fast trading engine executes your command.

One-Cancels-the-other Order (OCO): when initiated, this order type triggers the cancellation of another. It is ideal to keep you safe and help you break-even, in a margin trade. With this, your margin trade at PrimeXBT is more likely a win-win game.

No limits for deposits and withdrawals

The total market cap of the entire crypto market is around 300 Billion USD. However, the stock market cap for the United States alone is approximately 30 trillion, which is 100x the entire crypto market. At PrimeXBT, we have a goal of being the gateway for institutional size trading volumes in the crypto market.

With a goal of helping the market scale to its fullest potential value, PrimeXBT has therefore lifted all restrains typical to several other crypto exchanges. We present the new dawn of a trillion dollar worth crypto market. No limits whatsoever; trade as much as you possibly can!

Up to two months of free trading

This is exclusively reserved for our first traders. You can be one of them by registering right away! These traders will trade on PrimeXBT, for all two months, with no trading fee whatsoever.

No sudden downtime from a DDoS attack

With our highly scalable Amazon CDN, you should be sure of uninterrupted access to our server, at all times. If there is ever a need for downtime, it will be announced sufficiently beforehand. Also, all placed orders won’t be affected if there is ever a downtime.

High-grade security features and protocols

We have stringent and tight security features. Some of these features are 2FA, email confirmation, for login protection; cold wallets, to store off large volumes of assets from hacks; IP whitelisting, to control how and from where you can access us; and several other delicate measures that guarantee maximum security.

User-friendly and customizable user interface

Do you get scared and agitated when you see the interface of a regular crypto exchange? Lots of investment jargon hanging in weird looking boxes all over the screen. Or are you the type of trader that wouldn’t mind tweaking you U.I, just a little bit to suit your taste? If you are, we offer you our highly user-friendly customizable I.U.

Round the clock support team

Our support teams are always available to handle our customers’ needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, whatever part of the world you are trading from, be sure to have your issues attended to any time of the day.

Finally, before other traders catch up with this new trend, why not take advantage of these tools and do some arbitraging or margin trades with our advanced trading tools and generous 100x leverage.

Hurry now! Be among the first few traders to trade absolutely for free, nonstop, for two months at PrimeXBT.

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