Popular broker in the test: The great Plus500 review

Plus500 is a popular broker in Germany, the UK and other European countries. The Israel-based broker is especially known for offering a wide range of CFDs to its clients. Therefore, it is about time to take a closer look at Plus500.

As already mentioned, only CFDs are tradable on Plus500. CFDs are leveraged products on stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, etc. Thereby, the CFD represents the stock in a leveraged manner. CFDs are thus much riskier than direct investments, since the leverage also works downwards. Stocks, cryptos, commodities and other assets cannot be traded directly on the platform. Plus500 is exclusively for derivative products.

Transaction costs do not exist at this broker!


The biggest disadvantage of Plus500 is the non-existence of directly tradable stocks, funds, cryptocurrencies and commodities. To be fair, however, it must be said that this is also not the goal or the targeted customer group of broker. Another big disadvantage of the platform is the inactivity fee. Users pay for every inactive month after a period of 3 months (overview inactivity fees). Plus500 is clearly aimed at more professional investors, or CFD traders. 


For the targeted customer group of Plus500, the CFD traders, the platform is for sure recommendable. Plus500 scores with a variety of tradable certificates. In addition, it is positive to note that the broker does not specialize only in stocks, funds and ETFs, or only in cryptocurrencies, but combines both worlds. It should also be noted that the company does not charge any order fees, which is very attractive especially for traders.

Conclusion: Plus500 Review

Plus500 convinces with a wide range of CFDs. The big advantage of the broker is that it does not only specialize in stocks, funds and ETFs or cryptocurrencies, but combines the best of both worlds and makes both tradable. However, the broker cannot be recommended for beginners and stock market novices, as CFDs are much more speculative and risky compared to directly tradable securities, as the selected leverage also works downwards.

If you are now convinced of Plus500, we have the link for you here.

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