Popular broker in the test: FTX

The crypto derivatives exchange FTX, founded in 2019, is known for a wide range of crypto derivatives. Besides derivatives, FTX also offers a variety of futures, options, leverage tokens and more.

To understand FTX in more detail, we offer you here today the crypto exchange analysis.

Advantages of FTX

FTX scores with very low trading fees on all crypto trades. For example, the platforms fees range from 0.02 to 0.05 percent. Compared to other brokers, this is extremely competitive. If you trade a lot, you even have the chance to discount the trading fees even further.

Another advantage of FTX is that the exchange offers the highest leverage certificates in the industry. For example, at the broker it is possible to trade with a leverage of up to 101x.

Moreover, the exchange offers a variety of different products, from classic cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to altcoins and highly speculative crypto derivatives.


However, one disadvantage of the exchange is that it does not allow the registration of anonymous accounts and does not offer any “welcome bonus” unlike many other platforms.

Another disadvantage is the cluttered layout of the app (which is available for IOS as well as Android). Especially new and inexperienced users might have to get used to the complex and partly “overloaded” layout first, but other traders might find this form of the app appealing as well.

FTX Review: Conclusion

All in all, FTX thus offers a wide range of different investment instruments for comparatively very low trading fees. Thus, the exchange is an attractive option for beginners as well as professionals to invest in cryptos even in a leveraged way.

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