Every now and then, we witness a new project coming to life. From the old school cryptocurrency projects, all the way to the DeFi concepts…The crypto space is full of great potentials. On the other hand, very few projects manage to successfully merge different concepts and create a unique investment opportunity. Meet POLYGODS, a project that combined staking and NFT in a unique epic world. What is Polygods crypto? Can this be the next big hit on Polygon?

What is Polygods crypto?

Polygods is a crypto project that combines NFT with Staking. From one side, users can buy interesting NFTs that give them established titles in the Polygods realm. From another side, users can buy, hold and stake their $GODS tokens thanks to liquidity reward programs. What makes this project unique are the incredible graphics and story of the whole project. Many NFT projects jumped into the NFT train solely to capitalize on the hype. Well, Polygods may have done that as well, but they nailed the “art” investment part of NFTs. In fact, NFTs are so far only used on secondary marketplaces to trade digitally signed artworks, but there is actually much more to it than that. NFTs can also be used as keys to certain services or authorizing access to certain perks in a community. For Polygods, acquiring those specific NFTs is like owning decentralized vouchers!

See, partaking in an NFT project not only requires investors to throw their money and buy pixelated pictures that won’t do them any good. It also should create a sense of community, and partaking in a storyline that portrays an epic world. Polygods nailed this side with their awesome status ranks and community standings. 

Every week, there will be an NFT auction, where users will have the opportunity to buy in through their $GODS tokens. Consequently, the $GODS tokens will be burned, which makes it a deflationary token. Also, there will be many NFT giveaways to important members of the community. Those events are not only simple NFT art sales, but rather a new use case for owning NFTs, as they will open up new possibilities for users to interact in this community.

How are POLYGODS users classed?

In the Polygods world, and since the whole experience happens in an epic world, many events that are well-known in the DeFi space happen under different names:

  1. God’s Gift (aka airdrop): Owners of $GODS tokens will receive airdrops from other partner projects. The more $GODS tokens users have, the higher the reward will be
  2. Immortal Gods: Those are the creators and close partners of the project
  3. The Faithful: Those are the owners of the NFTs. If an owner sells his NFT, he becomes a Fallen God (shame!) and instantly loses his place among the Circle of Gods


There are many questions being asked about this project, as this is a relatively new one on the block. Let’s tackle all questions that get asked about this interesting project:

On which Blockchain does POLYGODS crypto run?

The POLYGODS project will start operating on Polygon first, but they will add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) support and Mainnet soon after. In fact, Polygon is a great blockchain to operate on, as many projects migrated in the past to this ecosystem because of their low fees, fast transactions, and efficient environment.

Where to Buy GODS token?

For now, the $GODS tokens are not available yet for sale. Users should currently register for the whitelist that will happen soon enough. Once they partake in the whitelisting, users will receive further instructions on how to proceed in order to buy GODS.

Where to buy the NFTs of POLYGODS Crypto?

The initial purchases would be directly from the POLYGODS website, but users can still buy/sell those NFTs on Opensea, which is a secondary marketplace. So first step is to register for the whitelist and to follow these step.

POLYGODS Project Tokenomics

According to the project’s tokenomics, there will be a maximum supply of 72 Million $GODS:

  • On day 1, there will be a circulating supply of 3.6 Million
  • In the first 30 days, the supply will rise to 10.8 Million (not including liquidity and NFT reward programs)
  • 42.8% (or 30,816,000 $GODS) will be released in the first 3 years through Liquidity Reward Programs
  • 7.2% (or 5,184,000 $GODS) will be released in the first 3 years through NFT Reward Programs
  • The project Team gets 25%, pre-sale will have 15%, advisors 5%, and 5% for public sale

During the pre-sale, the price per token is expected to be around USD 0.096 (for a supply of 10.8 Million $GODS).

Polygods Crypto
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