Pokemon Go With Cryptocurrencies

Aircoins is the name of the application that can be used to collect objects like in Pokémon Go. However, these are not Pokemons, but actual cryptocurrencies.

The game’s main idea is also based on augmented reality (AR). When you open the app it will show the outside world on the display via the camera. For this purpose, virtual coins are displayed in the picture, which you can collect when you get close enough to them. The data for this is stored online in a database. The app continuously sends its position to the server, which returns the positions of the virtual coins that are in the vicinity, and the mobile phone displays them.

Millions of coins are placed by Aircoins all over the world and are waiting to be found. The coins are distributed so that you can find them about every half an hour. The app features some of the most popular coins like Litecoin or Reddcoin and many upcoming and promising altcoins.

The business model behind Aircoins basically consists of advertisements that are placed inside the application using augmented reality.

Another step towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

Despite the surge of institutional investors in the past year, cryptocurrencies, in general, are still somewhat unknown to the general population. These coins have not managed to shake off their status of speculative assets which many people consider a huge risk.

Aircoins offers incentives to use cryptocurrencies and can be quickly and easily downloaded from the Playstore or the Appstore and you can start right away. In addition to the joy of searching, there are also small financial incentives. The game is suitable for the young and old and the native token behind the project, AIRx is already listed on several exchanges.

The app features a ton of cryptocurrencies now and adds more every single week.

Happy New Year 2021!

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