Pitcher Perfect is all set to Revamp the Crypto Investment Space

Pitcher Perfect is all set to Revamp the Crypto Investment Space

“I’m seeing many very creative entrepreneurs coming to me and changing the way I think about finance,” shared billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper during UCIM, a crypto and blockchain conference that concluded recently in Singapore.

While several prominent investment funds and venture capitalists are optimistic about cryptocurrencies and their scope, they find it an erroneous task to find the right projects to invest in. Given the clutter and noise in the space, such apprehensions are only a natural outcome.

On the other end, there are several promising projects with capable teams who have been working hard but to no good effect as they often fall short of funds. The existing investment space is plagued with the problem of asymmetric information where the good projects are suffering because of the presence of some non-credible projects.

To bridge this gap and to offer a platform to select projects and investors, UCIM is hosting Pitcher Perfect in Singapore on 15th February 2019. The event does not shy away in deviating from the conventional norms of the industry as it is focussing on a targeted audience, intimate setup, and one-on-one meetings between projects and investors.

Apart from presenting their pitches, the projects will also get a chance to engage with investors in a roundtable setting for forming lasting connections and building a useful rapport. They will also be getting ample opportunities to garner visibility and outreach for their project among key stakeholders and prominent media members.

The event has been receiving a good response given the success of its 2018 edition in November which witnessed over 50 speakers, 30 investment funds, and 20 media partners. “Had a great time here at the conference. Met a lot of good contacts, hell of investors, and all other people who are operating in this space. So all around, a good and tight conference,” shared Tom Howard, a venture capitalist at Taureon Capital about his experience at UCIM.

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