PearCoin Exchange, a new platform for trading global digital assets 

Digital assets grow from only for a few to the masses. The exchange of digital assets is also experiencing explosive growth. So far, the 24-hour peak in revenue has reached over US $ 100 billion.

The followings are the change of investment trend, and the new forms of the digital asset applications. For example, the speed of currency circulation has been accelerated and asset allocation has been more diversified. At the same time, digital assets can also reduce the cost of issuing and managing currencies.

In the chaotic universe, once the vitality opens, the yin and the yang of the sky and the earth will position themselves. The birth and development of any industry will have to go through a time of barbaric growth. Like the development trajectory of traditional finance, digital assets have also experienced a “wild time”. Now, under closer surveillance, many exchanges have been banned due to the compliance and security concerns, their neglections on user assets and information security, etc.

The new era calls for new heroes. Driven by the mission of “providing users with extraordinary digital asset trading services with many years of international institutional financial experience”, PearCoin Exchange, an exchange of digital assets founded by an international financial institutions with years of extensive experiences , launched on June 20, 2021 in order to let more and more market participants experience safer and more stable transactions and more advanced experience from traditional international financial services for one hundred years, and have opened its trading function and invited users to experience it.

The parent company of PearCoin Exchange, headquarters in Oceania, was established on March 1, 2018. With a global strategic vision, it has integrated offices in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Vietnam. Its product matrix has more than 12,000 daily users worldwide, with an average daily transaction volume of US $ 450 million. It is a comprehensive financial trading platform approved by many traders worldwide.


Three years go by. In this vast market, PearCoin Exchange, absorbing the aura of the Group’s product matrix and collecting the essence of multinational compliance experience, is determined to provide traders with new experience.

The pear, as fruit, is sweet and vintage. Like this ancient delicacy, PearCoin Exchange adheres to the operation philosophy of “classical, fresh and hardcore”. “Classical” lies in “one hundred years of experience”, “fresh” lies in “twenty years of advanced technology”, “hardcore” lies in “institutional standards”. With the vision of “institution-level supervision, advanced technology, and more peace of mind in trading”, it puts traders first, makes every effort to build a leading comprehensive platform in the industry, and strives to promote the development of industrial compliance. Therefore, PearCoin Exchange has joined the world’s leading regulatory system and is committed to creating a fair, just and open market environment.


The new forces are unstoppable. Witnessed and experienced the shackles of traditional financial and digital assets, standing on the shoulders of giants, PearCoin Exchange has provided users with new “five new dishes”-

New supervision, safer financial guarantee;
New technology, more advanced architecture;
New innovation, fairer trading environment;
New security, industry-leading first-class technical support;
New humanity, intelligent all-round service.

Counting the five core advantages of PearCoin:

1.Compliance management based on global experience: PearCoin embraces supervision and adheres to the concept of international compliance operation, aiming at controlling user and business risks and achieving stable operation goals; 

2.Self-developed technology: It adopts advanced distributed cluster architecture, distributed expansion, and supports bidding matching system, which can effectively solve multi-threaded and highly concurrent trading methods and create a smooth trading experience, which can match up to 6 million transactions per second; Innovation strength: Multi-product continuous innovation is the most effective proof of testing platform strength, and it is PearCoin’s product research and development philosophy and development purpose; 

3.Security and stability: In terms of security and risk control, PearCoin uses a system-level three-tier protection system, Web front WAF, database firewall, and storage data encryption and isolation to fully guarantee asset and data security. The collection and withdrawal of funds are completed by offline signature of the background terminal to ensure the safety of platform assets; 

4.All-round service: PearCoin insists on taking users as the center and continuously pays attention to the needs of users. For example, the triple wallet of “cold, hot and warm” ensures the safety of funds and the experience of withdrawing coins, and provides world-class trading experience and all-round humanized service to customers.

PearCoin welcomes trading freshmen and is determined to lower the entry barrier of digital assets and bring a friendlier trading experience.


It was tough in the past,but the past has passed. In the future, opportunities and challenges coexist, and PearCoin will consolidate its technical foundation, develop new models and become a new engine driven by growth in the field of digital assets.

PearCoin, the new generationexchange, is determinded to bring something new to the new era.

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