Oviex.com Crypto Exchange Received Investment from Global Blockchain Ventures Capital

Oviex.com is a cryptocurrency exchange, with its headquarters in Malta. It was founded in 2016, and ever since, it has been committed to become one of the top exchanges in the world. Oviex.com takes the security and safety of its users seriously. 

Oviex.com offers a distinct spot trading market where traders and investors handle cryptocurrency resources. Its goal is to make every user capable of accessing blockchain financial services online. 

Oviex.com and the DeFi Market:

Oviex.com is based on the concept of DeFi (De-Centralized Finance). Decentralized Finance is a significant feature of Oviex.com. Users can make complex financial transfers safely through decentralized systems. DeFi has rapidly grown in a short time. In early 2019, there was only $275M of crypto collateral locked in the DeFi economy. By February 2020, that number had grown to $1B, and it has continued to grow impressively throughout the year, hitting $2.5B in early July, $3B by mid-July, and $4B on 25 July.

This is proof that there is a very noteworthy interest growth in the crypto market community because of the decentralized system, also known as the DeFi Market.

Oviex.com uses this DeFi market to develop major interest growth for investors and traders. 

Global Blockchain Ventures Capital:

Global Blockchain Ventures Capital is an investment fund that invests in blockchain, internet of things, cybersecurity, med tech, artificial intelligence, and many information technology sectors.

Global Blockchain Venture Capital has its focus on blockchain technology. Their mission is to contribute to the global economy with their actual and practical blockchain-enabled applications.

How Global Ventures Capital Works:

To raise the liquidity needed to invest in companies, venture capital firms open a fund and ask for commitments from limited partners. This procedure allows them to establish a pool of money, which is then invested in promising private companies. The investments they make are typically in exchange for minority equity—which is 50 percent or fewer stakes in the company. As companies grow, they go through the different stages of venture capital. Moreover, firms or investors may focus specifically on certain stages—which impacts how they invest. 

With over 10 years of experience, Global Ventures Capital has the depth of industry knowledge and financial strength to solve even the most complex problems with speed and reliability.

Management Team of Global Blockchain Ventures Capital:

Global Blockchain Ventures Capital’s team has originated, purchased, and managed over $500,000,000 in mortgage-backed securities, delinquent tax lien portfolios, and equity positions in a variety of real estate assets. With over 10 years of collective experience as the premier bridge lender in the nationwide markets, Global Blockchain Ventures Capital has cultivated a well-earned status. 

It is currently running funds up to $200 million and has successfully invested and incubates numerous Blockchain projects around the world. 

Oviex.com crypto exchange has accepted the investment from Global Blockchain Ventures Capital to continue grow in Blockchain industry. Oviex.com also aim to provide investors and traders enjoy the most reliable and safe transactions and trades in cryptocurrency.

Trade with Oviex.com to accelerate the growth of the exchange business in worldwide. Register now and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio with Oviex.com.

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