Outstanding Events Where to Learn about Blockchain in November 2018

Outstanding Events Where to Learn about Blockchain in November 2018

Moving forward at the high speed, the cryptocurrencies and blockchain develop into the innovative system that may significantly improve the business processes and community life. If you’d like to learn more about the technology that is said to bring the revolution, you should definitely visit one of these conferences in November. Get a better understanding of blockchain here.

1. Malta Blockchain Summit

When: November 1-2, 2018

Where: St. Julian’s, Malta

Info: www.maltablockchainsummit.com

Blockchain has been a major technological breakthrough of the past decade. As with any disruptive innovation, this period is not enough to reach widespread adoption and recognition among industries.

Malta Blockchain Summit will be held to bring the Blockchain potential up for discussion and introduce workable solutions for the leading sectors. The speakers are going to unveil the use cases for banking, government, healthcare and entertainment; debate on challenges Blockchain faces in the modern economic framework; and describe how Blockchain is expected to evolve in the coming years. The Summit will also feature an exhibition, hackathon, ICO pitch and a crypto party.

Certainly, you don’t want to miss this event, so be quick to reserve the tickets www.maltablockchainsummit.com

2. Decentralized

When: November 14-16, 2018

Where: Athens, Greece

Info: decentralized.com

When a decentralized ledger called blockchain came into existence, the world saw a new phenomenon of cryptocurrency, headed by Bitcoin. As the interest in cryptocurrency has been rising, so has the need to study all the aspects of a new form of money.

Decentralized is the event that will put the blockchain and crypto-related trends right. You will have a great chance to hear about the latest developments from the renowned thought leaders and even see live demonstrations. Also, you can meet the acknowledged experts, grasp inspiring ideas and have an informal chat.

For business owners, this conference will bring new professional relationships and opportunities to create promising partnerships with other specialists, companies or organizations in the sphere of blockchain and Fintech.

Visit decentralized.com for more details.

3. Swiss Blockchain Summit

When: November 23-24, 2018

Where: Basel, Switzerland

Info: https://swissblockchainsummit.com/

Blockchain Leadership Summit first started on 9 March in Zurich and is now going to rock Basel. You will have 2 days of useful networking, workshops and panel discussions with over 70 top blockchain experts from many countries.

The first day is going to cover new technological advancements in blockchain and effective applications that have already revolutionized the way our global community paces.

On the second day, the most experienced specialists will focus on the present state of blockchain tech and its role for further economic development.

Interested in the forthcoming event? So, be sure to visit it. For further details on the conference agenda and ticket booking, please contact the event organizers here https://swissblockchainsummit.com/

4. iBlockchain Summit

When: November 2-3, 2018

Where: Guangzhou, China

Info: http://www.iblockchainsummit.com/

The technology of Blockchain is gradually captivating various industries and businesses, such as finance, real estate, healthcare, education and so on. It allows for advanced security of data storage, and transparent transactions of digital assets. But, can it be so good as it’s being told?
Guangzhou, one of the largest cities in China, will host iBlockchain Summit, a two-day conference focused on the future of blockchain. The conference will include various keynotes, panels, interactive discussions and a plenty of other activities. That’s also an excellent opportunity for Fintech startups, blockchain specialists, and regulators to participate in this experience sharing event.
Don’t miss such an amazing chance to discover more about sophisticated blockchain technology and what it may bring to the whole world. Feel free to contact the organizers and get registered at http://www.iblockchainsummit.com/

5. The ICO Summit

When: November 11, 2018

Where: Zurich, Switzerland

Info: theicosummit.com

Nowadays, there is a great number of cutting-edge projects and startups, joining the market and thus advancing it. With more enterprises and individuals implementing blockchain and introducing cryptos, the industry is bound to prosper.

The ICO Summit is heading to Zurich with the aim of sharing the news about the latest updates from the blockchain industry. The event is expected to be unique, impressive, enlightening and brainstorming. And it will be guided by chief innovators, decision-makers and outstanding leaders of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere.

If you are eager to explore the prospects of cryptocurrency with the famous representatives of developing industry, feel free to join the summit by following the link theicosummit.com

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