OpenLedger – A Trusted Blockchain Development Partner

Despite the downturn of the cryptocurrency market, blockchain technology is rapidly spreading through the enterprise world. Small to large businesses are exploring ways to make their internal processes more efficient by establishing private permissioned ledgers that enable them to exchange information and assets between relevant parties while reducing costs and increasing transparency.

OpenLedger is positioning itself to be the primary service provider for enterprise blockchain solutions. The company has recruited a team of over 70 experienced developers, business and marketing experts, and legal and support staff to create, test, and market blockchain custom solutions and ready-made products for the enterprise world.

OpenLedger services include:

  • Custom Blockchain Development
    • Information exchange authorization
      • Automatically authorize the exchange of information and record these exchanges on an immutable ledger
    • Smart contracts and time-locked wallets
      • Payment transfers can be executed using self-executing contracts that are based on predetermined and codified rules
    • Secure identity verification
      • Identification and permissions are automated across decentralized networks
    • Secure distributed storage
      • Store digital assets securely and access them rapidly, with verifiable chains of action and access.
    • Cross-border business finances
      • Send and receive payments and transfer funds across currency and national borders cheaply
    • Cyber attack prevention
      • Encrypted, distributed blockchain technology makes conventional hacks impossible and prevents honeypot attacks.
    • Compliance with GDPR and SOX
      • Secure chains of custody for sensitive data and verifiable SOX-compliant executive actions.
  • End-to-end ICO services

OpenLedger also provides step-by-step solutions to help startups launch their ICO/ITO, including consulting, full-scale technical development, marketing, and PR. To date, the platform has helped launch over 10 successful ICO’s, which have raised a combined $90m.


  • Advisory
  • OpenLedger leveraged their team’s wealth of knowledge and experience in blockchain to advise startups on how to improve their marketing positioning and technical structure at every ICO stage.
  • Marketing & PR
  • OpenLedger creates original white papers and promo content. They also develop marketing and PR campaigns that target the startups specific market
  • Escrow Services
  • Technical Support
  • OpenLedger provides technical support through the entire development cycle; from token release and highly secure smart contracts to product development in line with blockchain best practices and security standards.


OpenLedger is split into 3 main products:

  • OpenLedger DEX
  • A decentralized trading platform that allows trading of ICO tokens, as well as white-labeling, to allow startups to set up their own exchanges
  • HubDSP
  • A crypto and ICO programmatic advertising HubDSP allows startups to grow crypto traffic, boost brand awareness, community visibility, and ultimately gain new partners and investors.
  • genEOS
  • A blockchain-based ecosystem to design and launch decentralized apps for enterprises. Industries currently served include insurance, legal, healthcare, retail, logistics, travel and many more.

Hyperledger Development

Hyperledger (or the Hyperledger project) is an umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools, started in December 2015 by the Linux Foundation and supported by big industry players like IBM, Intel, and SAP. It supports the collaborative development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers.

Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned blockchain infrastructure, originally contributed by IBM. It is one of the main blockchain technology solutions that OpenLedger offers to its enterprise partners.

Hyperledger Fabric provides transparent, immutable, and auditable transactions for which any advanced enterprise ecosystem can be set up. Primary features include modular architecture, permissioned networks, and confidential transactions.

  • Finance
  • For financial services, Hyperledger offers instant settlements, streamlined payment processing, improved capital optimization, eliminates error handling and reconciliation, reduces counterparty risks, and advanced regulatory reporting.
  • Insurance
  • Insurance services benefit from improved multi-party contracts, reduced turnaround time, streamlined risk contract efficiency, improved KYC compliance, lessened identity theft risks, and advanced fraud prevention
  • Media
  • Author-managed content rights, transparent and monetizable C2C / P2P content sharing, paid content subscriptions without national or regional limitations, near real-time allocation of royalty payments, improved anti-piracy and copyright infringement measures, reduced advertising fraud.
  • Healthcare
  • Traceable drug and medical supply chains, single and longitudinal patient health records, Interoperable EHRs, simplified billing, secure health information exchange between providers, insurers, and payers, and facilitated claims adjudication

Company Info

OpenLedger has offices in Denmark and Belarus. It was created in 2014 by tech entrepreneur Ronny Boesing.

According to Ronny, he founded OpenLedger with a vision to build something sustainable that people across the world could use. To reach the people that banks do not reach, so that they get the opportunity to create economic security for themselves. This is possible through blockchain, because, for example, it is used for crowdfunding of both small and big projects.

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