OKEx Mining Pool Chief: We’re “Helping to Build” Bitcoin SV Market

Speaking at Bitcoin SV’s (BSV) Beijing conference, the head of OKEx’s mining pool, Alina Yao, has emphasized the commitment from the exchange to “fully support” the Bitcoin Cash hard fork project.

OK Pool, is part of global exchange OKEx. It offers a high yield and gives priority to the interests of miners.

It works to serve the hedging needs of proof of work users and allows them to easily switch profitable currency pairs through a very simple “one click” process. 

It can also support different bill payment platforms and render efficient and stable node services.

 As for the non-POW market, its mining pool is on track to fully develop staking and increase the number of nodes on the network.

A rosy future together

Speaking in Beijing, Alina said that OK Pool’s principles fitted closely with the vision of the BSV team.

“To work as one and foster growth and development of our Bitcoin sector across the world, our mining pool will take a multi-pronged approach to fully support BSV market in terms of mining, trading activities and market mechanism,” she said.

“Today I am here to look towards a very rosy future for BSV. You may, in fact, recall my excitement about a Bitcoin cash hard fork project on 15 November 2018,” she said.

“At that time, I could imagine that one day, like today, I would have an opportunity to share with you some stories about BSV. 

“BSV aims to restore the original Satoshi protocol and maintain its stability while largely increasing its on-chain capacity, in the hope that BSV itself will become a global currency and its ledger will be the largest public one over the world. I hope we will witness that moment together in future. Therefore, as a world leading exchange platform, we wish we will grow in sync with BSV amid challenges.

“Our mining pool’s principle fits in with BSV’s objective, which is being central to miners’ and users’ interests.

“Although BSV is not very well-known in China, with the help of OKEx as a global leading digital assets exchange, our mining pool will take a multi-pronged approach to fully support BSV in terms of mining, trading activities and market mechanism.”

To find out more about OK Pool visit: www.okex.com/pool

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