Official Telegram Community for All CEX.IO Customers

Official Telegram Community for All CEX.IO Customers

In the last few years, Bitcoin and other digital assets have captured the attention of people across the globe. Crypto enthusiasts, attracted to the new technology, have formed a sizable, growing, vibrant, and diverse group. It embraces members from different walks of life, different professions, and different levels of tech savviness.

Open conversation in Telegram

The Telegram messenger has been a place where this diversity is accommodated and welcomed. The crypto community has flourished on Telegram, enabling an open conversation among its members. This has allowed passionate enthusiasts to lead communities, share deep insights, and break news about the latest innovations in the blockchain industry.

At CEX.IO, we believe that our clients represent the crypto community quite well. CEX.IO has over 2.5 million members globally, and the platform has introduced blockchain technology to numerous crypto industry participants. Some of our users are new to cryptocurrency; some have advanced from complete beginners to professional traders. Most recently, we have also welcomed institutional players from traditional finance who are embracing the new economy.

Fostering conversation with our customers

We keep a finger on the pulse of the crypto market. We also want to hear from our customers and provide them with ways to engage in meaningful dialog with us. Hence, we will be opening up a conversation for our users on Telegram.

As an experiment, we have launched the CEX.IO Official Telegram group ( to foster discussion and to hear the voices of our users. With this group, we are eager to engage our customers and the members of our community at large in a productive conversation about CEX.IO products and services, market updates, and industry insights.

Taking communication to the next level

There are a lot of ways we can boost communication with our customers. We are excited to open the curtain and let them see what is happening behind the scenes at CEX.IO. We want to put the spotlight on some of our team members, who can share their unique expertise and insights on what it is like to work at a cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, a lot of our users have an excellent understanding of the industry, and the whole community can benefit by learning from them. We are eager to provide a stage for this kind of knowledge sharing.

Telegram community rules

Of course, Telegram is not without limitations. We are strictly enforcing the community guidelines within our group. The first rule is that Telegram is NOT a support channel. No CEX.IO staff will EVER contact members of the Telegram group via Telegram direct message. We will not provide support over Telegram or ask for funds, private keys, wallet addresses, or CEX.IO account information. Anyone who does this is likely trying to scam you! To familiarize yourself with the community guidelines, check the message pinned in the chat.

We are excited about the official CEX.IO Telegram group and cannot wait to see where the discussion with our users takes us! Join us at Happy chatting!

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