Night Crows, One of 2024’s Most Anticipated Games, Lands in 170 Countries Worldwide

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  • Available on mobile or PC in 170 countries and supporting 9 languages (including English, Japanese, and Thai)
  • Tokens and characters can be minted to trade and swap for digital assets from six blockchains including Avalanche, Ethereum and Polygon (and vice versa)
  • Month-long “Festival of the Night” celebration features check-in events, missions, ranking rewards, prizes like “Dawn’s Lustrous Weapon Style Summon” and exclusive mount** styles

Wemade, in collaboration with MADNGINE, today announced the official global launch of their highly anticipated MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game), NIGHT CROWS. Now available to download on mobile or PC in 170 countries and supporting 9 languages (including English, Japanese, and Thai), NIGHT CROWS is poised to redefine the genre with its use of Unreal Engine 5’s cutting-edge graphics including a fully dynamic global illumination and reflections solution, innovative multi-tokenomics, and a thrilling blend of history and fantasy. 

Here’s what fans can expect:

Time to Battle

To ensure uninterrupted gaming, Wemade is deploying a total of 24 servers, structured across 3 regions – ASIA1, SA (South America), and NAEU (North America & Europe) and 8 server groups. Each group comprises 3 Servers (Rook, Bishop, and Knight), and a Unified Exchange that will facilitate seamless gameplay and economic interactions within each server group. That also means smooth and uninterrupted “Battlefront” mode, a server group-based conflict where players from each server gather to engage in intense battles.

Exceptional and Unique Tokenomics

The game’s main token, CROW, is minted with Value Added Diamonds, or vDIA for short, which are obtained as the result of players putting time and resources into playing the game. CROW can be traded for other item tokens and Character NFTs, or swapped for WEMIX$, connecting the in-game and real-world economies through the CROW tokens. What’s more, this being Wemade’s first multi-chain game, means that players can choose to swap not just WEMIX$, but digital assets from any of the 6 supported chains including Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Kroma, Polygon, and WEMIX3.0 for CROW.

To create a true blockchain economy, items like the other 6 tokens that can be minted in NIGHT CROWS are no longer restricted to in-game transactions but can also be traded on the PNIX Decentralized Exchange (PNIX DEX) on the WEMIX PLAY blockchain game platform. Last but not least, NIGHT CROWS also supports the minting of player characters as assets in the form of NFTs that are created with character abstraction technology which compresses character data into easily identifiable attributes. What’s more, character NFTs can be traded for CROW on the WEMIX PLAY marketplace, and then swapped for WEMIX$ or vice versa, giving players the freedom to collect, mint and trade assets both within NIGHT CROWS and across multiple games and chains.

Celebrating NIGHT CROWS’ success with fans

NIGHT CROWS soared to immediate success during its South Korean launch, topping daily sales charts on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Generating over 151 million USD in sales within just 7 months and amassing over a million pre-orders, NIGHT CROWS quickly established itself as one of Korea’s top mobile games of 2023 and a cornerstone IP for Wemade. This phenomenal performance sets the stage for continued success with NIGHT CROWS Global.

To mark this global milestone, players can participate in the month-long “Festival of the Night” celebration, featuring check-in events, missions, ranking rewards, and exclusive prizes. Players will be rewarded with items like “Dawn’s Lustrous Weapon Style Summon” for completing missions and reaching certain levels during each event. Additionally, the top 3 characters ranked by level and Distinction Insignia* will be given exclusive mount** styles.

  • Check-in event “Festival 1: Answer to the Call,” 
  • Mission event “Festival 2: Birth of a New Member,” and 
  • Ranking event “Festival 3: News from the Night Crow Perch”

“With its groundbreaking omnichain gaming experience, and exceptional, advanced multi-tokenomics, NIGHT CROWS is poised to revolutionize web3 gaming. Its success will drive growth and innovation not only within WEMIX PLAY but across the entire WEMIX Mainnet ecosystem,” said Wemade CEO, Henry Chang.

Discover the world of NIGHT CROWS and learn more at

* Distinction Insignia are a special currency that can be obtained by defeating monsters or characters from other servers in Battlefront mode. They can be exchanged for various items through the Battlefront Merchant. Additionally, the amount of Distinction Insignia held determines Battlefront rankings, which update every hour. Ranks, determined by victories in Battlefront and Distinction Insignia, provide different rewards, including beneficial buffs.

**Rideable animals or vehicles used to travel long distances on the ground which can include mounts based on existing animals, as well as rare exotic and mythological creatures.

About Wemade

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