N*GGER COIN? Blockfolio Hacked, sends offensive messages! This is what you need to know

Earlier today the cryptocurrency management application, Blockfolio was hacked. The attacker sent several extremely offensive messages to many users. No funds were affected and the messages were promptly removed.

According to Sam Bankman Fried, CEO of FTX and Blockfolio funds and trading features were not at risk as they are part of a totally separate system.

Sam made a public apology on Twitter and stated that over the next month, he will be leading a security review of the old non-trading parts of Blockfolio. To compensate users, Blockfolio will be giving out $10 to every trader and the next ones who sign up this week.

Apparently, the offensive content and hack was published by a competitor exchange of Blockfolio who gained access to an employee of the company that had access to Signals capabilities.

The competitor exchange allegedly created a new coin called N*GGA COIN with a price of $62,400 and sent notifications to many users on the platform.

blockfolio hack

Additionally, the hacker also sent messages to users saying that accounts of all black people and n***ers will be closed with immediate loss of funds. Other sensitive messages included child p*rn.

blockfolio hack
blockfolio hack© Cryptoticker

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